December 07, 2011

Hari Berlaga Perut

As suggested by my dear friend Ieja (who was also one of the first few to guess that I was pregnant), I went to the Maternity and Children Expo at Midvalley on 19th November 2011. This wasn’t my first, but it was my first HUGE one. The one I previously went to was the Mom’s Care Expo at Ikano and I only went on the last day, so there weren’t really that many people.

At the first Expo, I bought my Baby a Graco stroller. It was going at such a bargain and it wasn’t the display set or the last piece and I have always had my eyes on that kind of model as it came with an infant car seat and I just couldn’t resist! People said I was so super semangat, seeing that I was only about 4 months pregnant at that time, but like I said, I couldn’t resist. Don’t think you could either if you were me. Hehehehe. Other than the stroller, I didn’t find anything of real importance or necessity so, I gave them a pass.

Plus, even if the stroller was going at a bargain, it still caused some kind of dent to my wallet. Tsk tsk tsk.

Then, came 19th November. I was supposed to take leave and all that Friday, being the semangat me but I couldn’t! So, early that Saturday morning, I woke up, made breakfast and off we went to the Expo. Along with my book with the long, long list of Baby (and Mama) things inside.

There were so many people I tell you! So many! But since I was so semangat, I actually felt excited, rather than agitated! Hahaha. Weird, I know, but true. And after going round and round a few times, I managed to slash quite a substantial bit off my list. I think my biggest loot of the day was the Tommy Tippee sterilizer with 4 bottles and bottle brush inside, which was sold at half price! I got it for only RM210! Such a steal, don’t you think so?

Basically, on that day, I slashed off the things on my Feeding List.

One of my favourite booths was the Medela booth, which had samples of their breastpumps and very helpful salepersons. After much thought and consultations with various mum friends, I bought the Medela Swing. I know that some people said we don’t know yet whether or not we would be able to breastfeed exclusively, so why invest so much, but I’ll take my chances. After all, the Medela Swing was going at only RM699, the best price I’ve seen anywhere so far.

Other than that, we bought bottles and a cooler bag from Avent and Medela and a few clothes for me (mine are getting pretty snug!) and not much else. The Mothercare booth (where I bought my Tommy Tippee sterilizer) was going crazy with sales and their cots were sold at 70% off. But since my cot issue is settled (the semangat grandparents in KL couldn’t resist and dah siap beli and PASANG kat rumah!), I didn’t really bother about those things.

The Pureen booth was swamped with people at that time too and I so badly wanted to see what it was all about. So, I went and saw that people were grabbing bedding sets and pillows and blankets and clothes! But the queue to pay was so long, I didn’t think it was worth it, especially since I was told repeatedly by my husband that clothes and blankets aren’t essentials (yet) since we don’t know the gender of the baby.

I heard that the MamyPoko Booth had crazy sales as well, but our hands were literally full and we were pretty damn broke at that time, so we decided to pass and went home contented with the things we got. Diapers can wait ;)

Even though there’s still a whole list of things yet to be bought and slashed from my Baby (and Mama) list, especially the little things like baby bath and lotion and etc., I’m not really that worried (yet) because the bigger things have been settled. Baby’s even got a bath tub and towels, which I got at Mothercare for really reasonable prices.

I basically had a lot of fun at the Expo and plan to go to the one scheduled at the end of February (see first how larat I will be at that point in time). Plus, the year end sales are back and it’s just a matter of time before we confirm the gender of our baby and then, I will start shopping for baby clothes. I already cannot tahan seeing the rompers at Mothercare and I so cannot wait to get them!

Forgive this first time mom for being so semangat about everything, but really, these are exciting times and I want to remember them always.

Thanks Ieja for suggesting! ;)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


tasha said...

Lega kan all the important ones slashed of the list? I thought of going but seriously tak larat and luckily I didn't because I know it won't be comfortable. My mum went with my sister said the same hehe but of course the sale memang la kan :)

Haneesa said...

sangat lega! i hope i still larat nak pergi the one in February. macam seronok berlaga perut with all the mommies. hehehehe :)

and it's just a matter of time for you! good luck dear! :)

tasha said...

Thanks dear!

Nina said...

wahhh! byknya dah beli!!! hahahaha... kudos for the early prep!

Haneesa said...

nina: haritu ada rezeki lebih, so lebih baik beli barang anak cepat-cepat :) lepas ni hopefully boleh finish the rest pastu nak "shake leg" hehehehe