December 03, 2011


I had an aim to achieve something before the year ends.

And that was to get everything on my table at work done and filed. Yes, EVERYTHING. No matter how silly and unreasonable that seemed. And though that aim came with 3 very stressful weeks, which caused the tanduk setan in me to come out of places I never knew I had them, I am free of my pending work! Free as a bird! Shhhh. It’s sort of like a secret. Please don’t tell anyone if you know where I work. I really want it to stay that way, at least until the end of this year. And that’s just about 28 days away. I SO deserve this break! Phew!

Well, lately, I really haven’t had anything interesting to update on, actually. Like I said, I have been slogging at work. I didn’t read the newspapers, alternative blogs, other blogs or anything at all. I haven’t even been listening to any music. It’s all been about work, work and work. Good God. What has become of my life?

And of course, there’s been lil’ Bubbles, who has been constantly kicking with glee, come 6.30 p.m., when the Daddy tells me to come home. Hmm... Getting more and more demanding everyday! Constantly reminding me who’s the Boss. Haha.

Other than that, my life has been pretty uneventful. Dull. Uninformative. Stressful. Bleak. As bleak as the weather has been of late.

But all that is about to change tomorrow (hopefully!). For the first time, I am really looking forward to an office getaway. Albeit for work, I really hope that the good hotel food and crazy company will keep me happy.

Hello, Pulai Springs! Goodbye Putrajaya.

Will be back with photos, should I find the time to take them ;)

Theodore’s in (more like really dying!) for some tender loving care, oh yes ;)

Meanwhile, watch this space for me, will you?

Be back soon. Much, much love!

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


yayahafiza said...

kakak, i think lil' bubble is a boy.... that's why he love kicking.... hehehe.... missed u a lot kakak..... dah lama xjmpa.... xsabar nk usap ur tummy.... keh3

Haneesa said...

aera: you think? ramai jugak orang yang predict its a baby blue ;). we should all really meet up kan? it's been ages and i miss all you girls!