November 29, 2011


Year End.

It’s one of the most celebrated time of year (what with the festivities and sales and whatnot) and also ironically, one of the most dreaded. For me at least. I’m not entirely free from my “in” tray yet but today, I’m just going to take a lil’ breather. Just a lil’ one.

People say that the best stage of pregnancy is the second trimester. And I AGREE wholeheartedly! Though I didn’t quite have a textbook pregnancy where my vomiting stopped at 12 or 16 weeks, but rather, at the 19th going into the 20th week, my headaches subsided bit by bit by bit and I found that it became increasingly easy to do my work because my mind was not swimming in a bowl of confused mush.

And with a clearer head, came better quality in work and a happier me! Because by now, you should know how much I love working, right?

Well, anyways, the highlight of the past 3 weeks or so was the very, very first kick! I was 19 weeks pregnant then and we just got back from my husband’s hometown in Melaka. I was lying on my back in bed reading a novel and put a cushion over my hand, which was on my belly. And the next thing I know... TOING!, goes Bubbles.

I was so amazed I stared at my belly for a good few minutes, just willing Bubbles to show me some kind of movement. And Bubbles obliged! My husband was soooo excited. In fact we were both so excited at the shivering motions my belly was making. I don’t know how to explain how something so small like that could make me happy, but it sure did, alright.

Thereafter, I noticed that Bubbles would respond to other things other than my hand, like the light or Daddy’s poking fingers. Each time we shone some light on wherever we felt it was hiding, it would automatically go to the other side and the next thing I know, my belly would turn all lembik at the spot it was at. Likewise when my husband starts talking too much to it, while poking at it. And since then, Alhamdulillah, I have seen it move or at the very least felt it move daily. Bubbles has worked up a routine of its own too. So, I can kind of anticipate at which time of day it will move.

Now, who would have thought that belly-watching could be so fun, right?

Oh, if you noticed, I still address the baby as Bubbles, rather than a particular gender and that’s not so much because I am keeping secrets or anything, but rather, because I DON’T KNOW YET! Ahah. I was supposed to scan during my last check up but there was a teeny weeny glitch in the system (which is now settled) and so, I haven’t seen Bubbles for a long time now.

Other than that, I am happy and content, knowing that this lil’ person is alive and kicking (literally!) inside of me.

When people say that it’s possible to love someone without actually meeting that someone, I believe now.

Oh by the way, here I was at 20 weeks ;)

I’m at 22 weeks right now with only 18 weeks to go, oh, how time flies. I met the halfway mark and more!

I am going to miss this moment. I totally get all of you when you say that now. Totally.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Raieza Hanim R said...

ouhhhh i missed it! cherish it! and wait till the head is hard enough you can actually tell where Bubble is :) soooo cute. Cant wait to meet urs!

Nina said...

=) Happy for you ;) Did you go to the baby expo at midvalley the other day?procep

Haneesa said...

iej: i went for a scan and can more or less guess where the baby is now! so comel! :)

nina: i did, i did! will review soon on what i bought! which was quite a number of things :)