what's my password again?

The girl gets herself an Android and you’d think she’d be updating at least twice a day. Tettt. So wrong.

On blogs which link me, I can see that I have been out of the blogosphere for approximately 3 weeks now. Tett. So not me, don’t you think?

Thing is this. These past few weeks have been some of the most trying in this year, so far. I can’t quite put it in so many words. Each time I try have a positive outlook about what happened, I find myself failing miserably. Each time I try to take it out on my blog, everything came out but good.

There were times when I just wished I were a faceless blogger. No name. No photos. No identity. Totally and completely anonymous. So that I could write about whatever I wanted without having the people who know me know that it was me.

Yes, it was that bad. In fact, I was listening to Adele’s Someone Like You constantly because I just felt the music suited my mood. Now, don’t go around speculating. There’s nothing wrong with my marriage or the likes. It’s just something I can’t tell.

But they say that there’s always a silver lining to every dark cloud and my silver lining came, finally. Not in any form worth bragging or talking about but still. I’m glad I’m finally back.

Just remember that –

You can’t make everyone like you just by being nice;

You can’t be too trusting. This is no longer College when everyone is your sister and you could trust your life with them;

You might regret the words you write at the spur of the moment. Even if you delete those words later, it might not change the way you felt at that moment and worse, it might not change the way the recipient took it. So, my take on it is to be best friends with your husband. Tell him instead;

When someone gives you “fire”, never retaliate with “fire”. Sometimes, it’s worth not talking about certain things, just because. Sometimes, it’s good to be “water”. Boy am I glad I’m an Aquarian. It comes naturally; and

You're never too old to learn anything. 

And now that I’m okay, I’ll make you sick to the core with my non-stop updates. Haha.

Good to be back ;)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


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