Don’t rain on my parade

“Cakap itu doa. Jadi cakap yang baik-baik saja.”

I don’t know why I am writing this or why this issue is bothering me to begin with. To be honest, I am very seldom bothered or perturbed by people’s comments. People can comment ‘til the cows come home and I still won’t pay heed if I think I don’t have to.

But for some reason, I am... affected.

Let’s see.

Apart from the very bad first 4 months of my pregnancy, this pregnancy has actually been quite an easy one for me (so far), Alhamdulillah. I’ve still got the white sticker stuck to my buku merah (more on that later), which is indication that I am healthy and have a low-risk pregnancy, and though I can’t fit into my jeans anymore, I can still fit into my old clothes, I think I look healthy and I am generally very happy.

So, yes. This pregnancy is a good one for me.

When people see this, people always tell me,

“Kalau pregnancy senang, nanti nak beranak mesti susah.”

“Ala, second trimester memang macamtu. Tengoklah nanti third trimester. Macam-macam penyakit datang.”

“Eh you tak gain weight banyak kan? Tengoklah nanti lepas 6 bulan, naik mendadak badan sampai gemuk.”

“Sekarang craving benda sihat lah, nanti datang angin nak benda pelik-pelik baru tau.”

“Kalau baby nampak sihat physically, tak tentu lagi dia tu sihat dalaman.”

Thing is this – my being healthy and happy is a conscious effort. Do you think that I don’t work on being healthy and maintaining a healthy weight gain? Did you all think that I was just lucky? No, I am not. Like I said, it’s a conscious effort.

I watch what I eat. I curb my sweet tooth cravings, and where I just can’t, I indulge. But I balance it out. I drink plenty of plain water. Oh, and believe it or not, I actually consciously think and plan what I wear and how I look. I find that (for this pregnancy at least) the theory that carrying a boy means malas berhias etc. is ridiculous. If you want to look nice, then, consciously make an effort to look nice lah ye tak?

And most importantly, I understand that each pregnancy, even for the same woman is different. And this time round, I just happen to be able to control most things after the first trimester, so I do. I am just taking advantage of my own good circumstances. It’s not so much about the luck, but a lot about the good luck I attract onto myself.

And as for my baby, I PRAY to Allah every single day that he be granted “akal fikiran dan tubuh badan yang sempurna” and “kemurahan rezeki yang berpanjangan”.

I was taught by my Mom that we should not be afraid to ask from Allah because if we want something bad enough and it is good for us, Allah will give it to us. We just have to help ourselves first. And so, I am helping myself and helping my baby stay healthy and be healthy by my conscious efforts and my constant doa.

So, beats me why people love to rain on other people’s parade.

Isn't it good that I am healthy? That I am not causing trouble or being a nuisance to anyone?


Pisses me off like crazy.

Can’t everyone just be happy and say “Alhamdulillah” instead.


Seriously, cakap itu kan doa. Jadi, cakap benda-benda yang elok saja. BOLEH TAK?

Just had to get this off my chest.


Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


yayahafiza said…
i understand what u mean kakak.... can they just say good thing to people.... i gone through some upset&pissed off moment last week when someone came to my place and wanted to start conversation with me and he ended up offending me as if he is the angel in this earth... i almost giving him 'what the fish' right in front of his face due to my anger.... Alhamdulillah, i'm still sane enough. i think that if that kind of words slip from my mouth people will say that i'm a bad person without asking first what's going on at the first place.

one more thing, i hate when people keep on complaining bout others.... as if die je yg btol....

p/s: i become like a stalker to your blog... ehehe
diya said…
OMG,the last time i came here,u just got married,and now dah nak jd mommy.hope it's still not too late to congrats u both ;)

those people with those harsh words memang wujud,tak kesah la kat mana2,diaorang ni tak akan senang dengan orang lain punya happiness.ada je benda nak cari pasal.just ignore them.

take care of yourself and your little baby ;)
Haneesa said…
aera: kann? haih, apa nak buat dengan orang macam ni. and itsokay. you're not stalking. nasib baik ada aera kalau tak siapa la nak baca blog ni :)

diya: never too late and thanks for your kind words! :)
Nina said…
Hehe. I had the same problem when I just found out I was pregnant. Like why can't people just be happy and stop being negative and sceptical about things. Then again, just ignore such people la. Not worth it. =) Sometimes they don't mean it a bad way jugak, main lepas cakap jer without realizing it could actually hurt our feelings.
Nina said…
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Haneesa said…
nina: yeap yeap. i know. sometimes orang mmg main lepas cakap je. tak pikir 1000 kali pun. mmg the best bet is to ignore ;). layan pun bikin stress kan. haha
dinashuz said…
like u, people have always been raining on my parade since kawin lagi...when i got married, i told everyone not to expect a baby too soon cos we wanna enjoy our times together then ppl will say... marriage is not complete without an offspring. bila i pregnant n i gain weight a lot ppl tell me im nvr gonna lose all that weight if i keep on gaining. hey, i have water retention issues, not dat i dun eat healthy n exercise. ive been fully bfeeding my baby from birth till now.. they say,itu pasal kau susah kurus, susukan badan, then they say...ur boobs will sag n u'll lose ur curves. apedaa... for me its just a trend for malays to say these things kan? i dunno why but they just feel compelled to say things like dat agaknya...
Haneesa said…
dina: hahaha, i really don't know why ppl like to say the things they say, but since i've learnt to just keep a stoic front and sometimes reply in a sarcastic tone, ppl have learnt not to mess with me anymore. mmg pelik perangai orang ni semua kan ahahah

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