December 09, 2011

plus one

At least once a month, we’ll go on a double date (plus one). And each time we come back from our dates, we feel so much better. Because who would have thought that living in Putrajaya would be okay after all, as long as we have close friends around.

Yesterday, we were due for another double date (plus one). But this time it was different because we were hosting, instead of choosing a place to eat out at.

So, I cooked and all was well and dandy.

But of course, the highlight of our double date was actually our Plus One, si ulat gonggok comel ni.

That was the first time we had her over at our place and I’ve got a feeling that our double dates will be at home from now on. It was so much fun just watching her “sweep” the place and aiming for things on the cabinet and “reading” the magazines and nibbling her toes and screaming at the tissue box.

Oh my God, how do you mommies do it? How do you resist planting sloppy kisses on your baby’s cheeks or cuddling up to them like you can never let go? And most importantly, how on earth do you all leave your babies when you’re out at work?

Jamie isn’t even my baby and I couldn’t bear the thought of her going home last night. I was already imagining myself snuggling up next to her on the comforter until she fell asleep. And trust me that doesn’t take much effort since she smells so damn nice.


Although people tell me that motherhood isn’t as easy as it seems, I believe that people keep having children for a reason. And that no matter how hard it gets, they are all worth it in the end.

I’m putting my foot down. Our double dates from hereon shall be at our place! So that si ulat gonggok boleh roam around the place as she pleases and not be stuck in her stroller.

But let’s call pizza next time okay? Last night saya flat out! Haha.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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