December 09, 2011

happy and shiny

Theme was Carnival Extravaganza!

I rummaged my mom's closet and storeroom and found my old skirt. Tried it on with fingers crossed. Sumbat-sumbat my you-know-wheres into the skirt. And tada~! We have a skirt that fits!

Googled some ideas on how to look more gypsy-like and found this -

And this -

And I thought to myself, "Wahai Mak Buyung, macam mana nak pakai prim top and bare belly and corset and all? Sedarlah diri wahai dompot!"

So, I googled some more and finally found this -

Phew, thankfully ada gypsy yang ala-ala sopan jugak. So, I went to Mines and got myself an ala-ala gypsy top. Didn't bring accessories because I totally forgot mine are all in TTDI and not Putrajaya. But I borrowed my friends' maka I became a complete gypsy that night. Wanted to put some bandana on my head tapi rasa sayang sebab rambut cantik malam tu. *perasan!*

Binged on cherry tomatoes with Navee. Ate salty popcorn. Had a lot of laughs. Slept late. And laughed some more in the morning.

Though not all things went as planned, I'm glad that I at least had those few lovely moments with my friends. :)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


amira said...

ohmygod! the horror! the horror! its HUGEEE :O

Haneesa said...

kan kan kan? wait til you see it KICK! ahaha

tasha said...

You're so pretty!

tasha said...

And I'm so sorry, I accidentally terclick 'Kelakar OK' heee :)

Haneesa said...

tasha: thanks, alhamdulillah!