December 27, 2011

Chin Up

So, we both took leave last Friday just for fun and we were in Kelana Jaya.

A: Oh, wow, nice chin. Ikut Mummy ke Daddy?

*and we both instantaneously touched our chins and tried to look at our chins though we very well knew it was impossible without a mirror*

While Daddy was trying to look at his chin,

A: AHAHAHAHAH. Daddy punya chin dah takda. Tak boleh nampak.

Daddy: =____________________="

Mummy: Oh, noes. Ada orang makin “sihat”. HAHAHAHAHA

Daddy: =____________________=”. I SO DON’T WANT TO FRIEND YOU. Hmmph.


Like many other excited parents-to-be, we joined the “scanning bandwagon”. It’s not so much because we mind whichever gender it would be, but I didn’t like the suspense. Plus old wives’ tales and people probing and guessing were just driving me crazy. So, I just decided I’d like to cut the guessing game short and see it for myself.

It was an amazing, amazing experience. I don’t know if the baby was being shy or just being plain playful, but for a very, very long time, the baby refused to show the face. Poking it didn’t solve the problem. In fact, it made things worst – from facing us head up, the baby turned its face to my bottom. DO NOT DISTURB seemed to be the best tagline for the baby last Friday.

And after a while, I just didn’t have the heart to keep poking the baby anymore. Nonetheless, we did get some shots of the face and while it is typical for all mothers to say this about their own child, I have never seen anything so perfect in my life.

no pictures please. gosh, drama sangat budak ni.

And what we know (for sure) is that... this one went from zero to lil’ hero!

Oh, yes, we are expecting a boy, insyaAllah!

Bubbles just got a new name, but I think everyone can wait ‘til April for that announcement, right? ;)

so serene :')

I can look at them photos countless of times and still be amazed at what Allah has given to me. Alhamdulillah for this blessing. To good and better times, insyaAllah ;)

Oh, just in case you were wondering, we did the 3D/4D scan at –

Vision College
127, Jalan SS 6/12
Kelana Jaya
Call – 03 78038300

When asked, press 2 for Pusat Diagnostik/Diagnostic Centre and make an appointment. I went there, filled in 2 short forms, tak sempat panas bontot dah kena panggil masuk bilik. Husbands are allowed to follow and their attendants are very kind and patient. In fact, in my case, since the baby was so playful, they even gave me the chance to go jalan-jalan first, to get the baby to change position and then, come and scan again. But since I malas, I just told them I’m happy with whatever we already had.

So, what are you waiting for?

For RM90, it is so worth it.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


me said...

Congratulations!!! I think next year will be the year of heroes. Ramai yang will be expecting baby boy :)

Haneesa said...

yeap yeap! it's raining boys! boleh buat team bola nanti :)

Nina said...

ahh!!! Congratulations Nisaaa!!!! Time I did my 4D, my baby's face looked sooo skinny coz no fat and I did the scan tad a bit too early... lol... comelll nyeeerr ;) can't waittt can't wait! eh, did you check out mother care kat klcc? besaaaaa kott... just opened I think.

Haneesa said...

hehehe. thanks!

pegi scan again! sumpah comel dah ada pipi bulat bulat. klcc tu i heard before this. tapi sebab jauh sangat i tak gagahkan pun. just went to OU, Alamanda and Subang. Tu pun dah boleh broke. but perhaps i should check it out someday kan kan kan ;)

yayahafiza said...

kakak!!!!!!!!! so excited to hear this.... and i'm really proud that my guess is correct.... hehehe...

can't wait to see ur junior in April :D

Haneesa said...

yeap yeap! you're one of those yang guessed correctly. ramai boys kan tahun depan!

Bubbles can't wait to see Auntie Aera too! :)