November 29, 2010

We’re taking everything off.


Yesterday, I got my very much needed break.

My siblings brought me out (although I was the one who drove), HAHA and we headed to One Utama, where else. One Utama, the “playground” which I have not visited for eons now since OnlyGodKnowsWhen.

Since I was a little jakun and the Year End Sales have begun, I think I stopped at almost all shops to try this and that. Shoes are selling like hot cakes and the prices are so reasonable I felt like bagging everything that I liked! But of course, I didn’t.

That’s because I had something else in mind. Adik went shopping earlier last week and she was one happy monkey when she came home, alright. Turns out that she bought new girly-essentials for to-die for prices! I didn’t know how therapeutic buying girly-essentials could be. That was until yesterday, of course.

I mean, I have always known that splurging and spending money can somehow make you one happier cow, but buying girly-essentials brings you to another euphoric high altogether! I kid you not. I got 5 girly-essentials for an amazing price and I feel amazing. The salesgirl was really helpful too and I’ve got to say, she’s got some class. She picked all 5 girly-essentials in all kinds of colours and I bought them all. It’s as if she knew my taste or something!

Next time you go to Audrey , Parkson One Utama, look for Cynthia. She’s a great salesgirl. She also doesn’t make you feel so awkward when she teaches you how to wear it right.

Gee, I really had no idea they could make me so happy. Haha, you can count the amount of exclamation marks as proof of how excited I am.

Yes, I know that the promotion has ended, but I still think that they are priced more reasonably than some other brands even when the sales are not on. And I’m sure there are more promotions to come in the future because hey, this is the Year End Sales period, isn’t it?

I sure do love this period, alright ;)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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