November 11, 2010

now, i know why.

I’d be honest.

When my friends were preparing to get married, I never quite understood why they didn’t have time for anything other than the wedding.

Now, I know that when you decide to get married, the wedding consumes a huge part of you. And any thoughts of marriage consume the whole of your life. No matter how excited you really are about it.

Considering how "aiman-tak-kisah" I am about my wedding preparations, I consider myself pretty worked up. Did you notice that when I blog nowadays, it’s quite impossible for me to not slot something in about love, life, family, relationship, wedding preparations and the like?


Ironic because I always told myself that I should not let my wedding consume me. Consumed about marriage tak apa kerana itu lebih real.

But I guess when you are the Bride-to-Be, you really can’t help yourself. There are a million things to think about and most importantly, a million hearts to take care of. Sometimes, the most important thing, which is yourself you successfully neglect.

And let’s not start talking about money issues. That’s a separate, never ending issue on its own.

I miss going out with my friends just because. I miss taking photos. I miss futsal. I miss splurging on good food because your priorities shift altogether. Don’t get me wrong. I do not mind spending on things like the photographer etc. because I know that those are the only things which would make my memories immortal. Plus, it’s not everyday that I have to buy hantaran. And even if I did, I’m thankful that both of us have agreed on certain thresholds, which in other words means that we’re both pretty reasonable and realistic about things.

But yes. It’s a catch-22 situation at times.

Most of all, I actually miss eating sushi. I know, right? That was just SO RANDOM. But I really do miss eating sushi. Maybe it’s because I miss Lynn. And I am grateful that despite the many things we don’t say to each other, she really just gets me.

Okay, soon, I will get out of the house and pamper myself to some fun-loving time. I will, I promise.

I will not tolerate the wrinkles around my eyes on the big day.

So, who’s in for sushi?

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Helinomics said...

hang on, sweetie. trust me, being tough like u do definitely pays.
Other than that,i'll pray for ur big day to go smoothly. And remember, im always here if u need me :)

Now go pamper urself !! ;)

Haneesa said...

HAHAHA! yes, it does pay to be tough. tapi penat nyaa. tuhan je la yang tahu! haish!

thanks for the prayers! i will definitely need it. tinggal berapa lama je lagi. adoooiiii

nanti we'll meet up soon ok. rasanya for now macam dah nak kena pencen futsal sementara. damn.

Helinomics said...

hehe, xpe. i definitely understand. remember during my time as well? yang kena pencen sebulan sebelum the wed and 2 months after the event? hehhehe. (lagipun dgr cite, skrg futsal dh x berapa best. coz latecomers dh berleluasa. and geng2 kite dah ramai busy and xde - including me).

We might as well open a new pack kan? back to square one, i prefer. but ofcourse, kite tunggu bride-to-be kita ni settle down dulu :)

Haneesa said...

i knowww. that's one other reason kenapa ramai sangat our gang tak pergi dah. sebab latecomers berleluasa.

tolong la buat macam dekat the zon dulu. super syiok!

and yes, i appreciate you waiting for me!

super rindu semua orang!