November 12, 2010

kotak katik.

One more lesson I am learning from all this wedding preps is that… boxes aren’t easy to fold. My parents went to Sin Yin on Wednesday to collect the boxes and since I was able to go home earlier on Wednesday, I began folding them.

My target? 50 boxes per day.

So that means that I’ll be done in about 3 weeks (supposedly). And that also means that the production line, which includes Mama and Adik can start decorating them memandangkan mereka berdua creative and Adik lebih kental *Adik je faham*. And that also means that I can begin folding the boxes for nikah pula. And also boxes for kids.

Sungguh tak creative kan? Balik-balik guna boxes.

Tapi percayalah, when your household is only made of so few people and safe and easy transportation of goods from home to venue is the main concern, you have to choose something practical. Mungkin we’ll get adventurous with the VIP doorgifts. Maybe saja lah.

Anyways. On Wednesday night, I only managed to finish 10 boxes. I began at 10 p.m. and finished at 12 a.m. I don’t know how long I took just to figure out how to lipat the lines on the boxes apatah lagi nak melipat box menjadi box dengan betul. I only got the hang of it at the 9th box.

Untuk puaskan hati, I decided to buat another box after the 10th box.

So, all in all, 11 boxes in 2 hours. Kalau kerja kilang pasti dah kena pecat. No doubt! Tapi apakan daya. Somehow, motor skills sedikit kurang on Wednesday hence the slow pace.

Semalam, lepas dinner (around 8.30 p.m.), I decided to start again.

My target? Finish the remaining boxes.

The only break I took was to bathe and to solat. Mission accomplished? No, sadly, no. By the time it was 12 a.m., saya dah terlentang atas lantai with the penutup of the box, half-folded. If Mama didn’t come up to my room, I think I would have remained asleep on the floor sampai pagi ni.

Achievement yesterday? 20 boxes dengan penutup. 10 boxes tanpa penutup.

Slowly does it, slowly. Aikenduit. Yeah right. Hey, of course I can, right right right?

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


jaizah said...

perlukan bantuan nak lipat kotak?

Haneesa said...

omggggg life saver lifer saver! datang la kalau freeeeee. aku sakit belakang hoi! hahaha

Renee Meow said...


hey gudluck wif ur boxes.. chaiyok2! u can doooitttt..! ;)


Haneesa said...

hahaha meowning, that's cute.

thanks! i need all the luck and kerajinan and strength in the world!


Renee Meow said...

heheh.. yeah YOUCANDOOOEEIIIITT...!! :) if ur Adam Sandler+gang's fan then u know how dat sounds like.. YOUCANDOOIITTT..!!! ;) hehe..


tasha said...

i am never good at DIY stuffs.actually malas hehe tak pernah ada strong will pun. so i leave all the decorations, doorgifts and what not to my mum and sister.

all the best! :)

jaizah said... je sket kat atong...when its one he'll bring it to the office...sbb mlm2 i bosan...heheh