did you miss me on blogspot?

Dear Facebook Visitors (and regular visitors as well of course),

I know that you are all wondering. I have never gotten this much traffic from Facebook before and the past week has been the most yet.

I know you are wondering.

I know you are waiting for me to come out here, give a story because word has it that I must tell the story, even if I tell it to myself, and no one else.


This blog is my happy place.

When I first began blogging some time in 2004, I opened my old, now private blog, so that I could talk about my heartache. Because you’ve got to remember that at some point, people stop listening because their lives move on. And so, you find your own way to move on too.

So, I talked to myself.


This blog is my happy place.

Out of all the blogs I created, this is the only one which began with my 22nd birthday. Best year of my life so far.

So, I’d like to keep this blog my happy place.

Though I sometimes forget that even blogging has a (silent) standard rule of thumb of its own.

This past week has been taxing, emotional, reflective. People make mistakes without realizing. People forgive. People love. Love or the lack of it can move one’s world in ways unimaginable.

Let’s begin again. But in baby steps.

If you miss me rambling, I miss me rambling too.

But sometimes, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

As of now, I have no comment. Even if a lot of you are wondering (I think) about my version of things. I really, simply, have no comment.

Love or the lack of it can move one’s world in ways unimaginable.

And as of now, my favourite quote would be:

"Hawa dijadikan dari tulang rusuk kiri Adam.
Bukan dari kepala untuk dijadikan atas,
bukan dari kaki untuk dijadikan alas,
tetapi dari sisinya,
dekat di lengannya untuk dijadikan teman hidup,
dekat dengan hatinya untuk disayangi.."

We make mistakes, we learn everyday. And we thank Allah for that opportunity.


Love, Me

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


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