November 24, 2010

Swiftly now.

If anyone were to ask me my favourite song, it would be?


And my second favourite song is,

Tim McGraw!

Artist? Taylor Swift!

I feel like such a teenager for liking her songs. I know that they by right, should appeal to those in their teens, but really, I can’t help it. When she sings, it’s as if she is speaking to you from the heart ‘til you find it possible to relate to her in one way or another.

So, yes, my favourite song is Fifteen and I think Taylor Swift is pretty. So what?

I've always loved her songs. But this whole Swift thing reached a high when we were watching the American Music Awards. She has grown so much from the first time I downloaded (ooops) all her songs without knowing how big she really is going to be. And when we were watching the AMAs, her great talent really just shone through.

We were quizzing: Whose concert would we go to if that artist came to Malaysia?

Swift’s definitely!

The rest just disappointed me with their terrible live voice! Especially Rihanna, Katy Perry and even Enrique! (panggil nama macam kawan-kawan pulak). It’s apparent now that even if you’re a great singer, you may not be as popular as those with good songwriters and good choice of songs.

Because from the looks of it, great songs sell, but great voices don’t really.

Anyway, the next time you so much as get a whiff of news that she is coming to Malaysia, please do tell me. I probably will be one of the older ones in the crowd T_T", but I really do think that her songs are nice and very singalongto.

And did I already mention that she is gorgeous?

Hmm. Terasa macam sick fan pulak.

But seriously, okay? Siapa nak bawak saya pergi Swift concert? My last concert was some time May this year. Ish.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


yayahafiza said...
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yayahafiza said...

kakak darling~
saya suke swift juge.... oppsss... tailor swift~ =) lagu2 die seyes cute.... as for me, i like her 'love story' <3

but recently kathy perry da termasuk dlm list kesukaan saya (baru je masuk)....

farah said...

"panggil nama macam kawan-kawan pulak" hahaha ni kan ayat you cakap kat i when i called the judges by their names LOL

btw i love her too! dia menang AMA against Kelly Clarkson & Lady Antebellum ok! bangga maks hahaha

Haneesa said...

aera: ahahha. sorry to say, tapi saya tak suka kereta swift sebab rasa tak selamat. dia kecik! hehe. tapi taylor swift mmg suka. wpun dah tua bangka. katy perry tu, hanya suka certain songs je. certain... errkkkk tak tahan!

farah: yes, you like to talk about them macam kawan-kawan! ahha. and glad to know i'm not the only 25 year old yang gila dengan lagu dia ;)