November 09, 2010

water princess.

Our dear friend is getting married really soon. Like 2 weeks kind of soon.

And so, after numerous FB threads, drama, messages and reminders of all sorts, we held a Bachelorette Party for her.

As with all the ex-B-2-B’s in our group, we booked Batul for the entire day. And told her that she would need a change of clothes. What we all failed to tell her was that a change of clothes includes her inner wear. So kesian. T_T"

She needed a change of clothes because we went here!

Oh, boy, we had such a treat, I tell you! We purchased the tickets with access to all 3 parks; Wildlife, Extreme and Wet Park, if I am not mistaken and we began our journey with the Wildlife Park, which to me, honestly, was not that impressive.

And after going round and round the place, trying to look for an exit out of the Wildlife Park, I made the mistake of promising the B-2-B that “anything the B-2-B wants, she gets”. Damn, I honestly thought that Mamita would play along but she bailed out on me after seeing The Ship hang vertically upside down, up in the sky. The whole time I was up that ride, I kept screaming, “OMG I AM DYINGGGGG!”

Haha. So much drama. Turns out that that was the best decision I made at Sunway Lagoon!

Thereafter, no ride could scare me anymore. Batul knew the place well enough to recommend rides to us. We went on a couple of slides and took a dip in the pool, where we spent most of our time camwhoring.

I know that we all wished we stayed a little longer at Sunway Lagoon, but we had to go someplace else and had made bookings. At around 1+, we left Sunway Lagoon and headed to our next destination, which is not known to any of us, apart from Jaja and Nadnad.

I shall blog on my Tanamera experience in a separate post. But the B-2-B’s words were, “It felt like heaven in there. I feel like I’ve just come back from heaven”. Well, glad you liked it dear! Because we loved it too. Hehehe.

Now, post-Tanamera part was a little bit tricky. If you have been following this blog, you would know that this is not our first. And so, it becomes a little bit difficult to cover up our plans, especially when one of us “disappears” and tells the B-2-B that something came up. It was a whole load easier when Din was around because he normally wouldn’t join in during all the girly activities and set up the place meanwhile. But since he had some family matter to attend to, we had to make do with Nadnad and Zaki being the runner.

Thing about my friends and I is that… we’re not very convincing liars. Hmmph. T_T"

After several sesi kantoi and also numerous detours, the Deco Master told us that the place was ready! *added note: notice the bright colours and lovely scarves? the theme was Bollywood and mommytobe was nice enough to scout for the scarves for us* Yeay! So, we headed for Mantra at Sunway Pyramid, which serves Indian and Asian cuisines. The food was AMAZING! Okay, maybe it is not my place to say since just I ordered this:

bantai kena gelak. spicy n sour kuey teow. hey, but it was yummy!
But I did taste the rice, naan, etc. and it was amazing! Thanks to Din for recommending the place!

The grand finale was of course the cake. Though we were a tad bit confused as to why the staff put candles on it. Like whyyyy??? But we didn’t fuss much about it. Then, TADA! We presented the B-2-B with “Ourbook” which was specially made for her by the one who couldn’t be there.

ourbook :) *genius idea*

Okay, she ended up in tears. Which is rare because Batul hardly ever cries :')

We ended the night with loads of photos and lots of hugs and promises that we would see each other soon. Overall, it was a day very, very well spent and I hope that Batul enjoyed the day as much as the rest of us did.

Despite all the glitches.

We love you. You know that we really do :)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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