April 21, 2011

Two Hundred, Hay St.

So, did we get a room when we reached the hotel?

Yes! We were lucky because there was a room available. We quickly grabbed our bags, took the elevator, and searched for our room. When we finally reached it, the first thing I did was to check the toilet out.


No bathtub? *okay, mode tak bersyukur buat seketika walaupun toilet bersih sangat*

I was very disappointed. Hey, jangan fikir bukan-bukanlah! Hahaha. I just wanted to get a long dip (like I did in Melbourne) because long baths like that can do wonders especially after hours of non-sleep.

But never mind. I was sure we would get a good view. And so, I opened the blinds and saw?

The hotel parking lot. *cry*

So, maybe we weren’t so lucky where the bathtub and view from our room was concerned. But apart from that, the room was really comfortable. But unlike their Asian counterparts like Thailand and Indonesia who go out of their way to welcome newlyweds on a honeymoon, we had to settle for a much simpler welcome, which to be honest, we were okay with because for the most part of the trip, WE WEREN’T EVEN IN OUR ROOMS! Haha.

After we checked the room out and cleaned up a bit, we decided that we really needed some sleep. Maybe when we woke up, we’d go around town.


Gambar "I ♥ you baby" tak ada bukan sebab tak love. Haha.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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