April 01, 2011

a promise.

As we convened in the office yesterday, I cringed to see the time on my colleague's watch. I did plan to stay late in the office, but I didn't plan on staying that late. My tummy was up in knots. Tsk.

I had a promise to keep.

8.45 p.m.

Confident that I would make it on time, I headed to my destination.

When I got there, all I could say was "Wow". And gape.

I didn't know if my legs would be able to hold on much longer seeing that it had maxed out its service for the day, but I assured it that it would be fine.

Many people do many different things for love. I, for one, keep to my promises. Or attempt to much as I can.

And that means queuing ridiculously long lines to get to one thing.

"339", they called. It was 9.35 p.m.

I didn't have a number. I told them I didn't have a number. They didn't seem to mind. Much to my relieve.

I placed my order and the kid behind the counter gave me a searching look and when he couldn't hold it back no more, he said,

"Beratur panjang-panjang dari tadi untuk beli tu je???"
(You queued for that long just to get that???)

I just smiled. And smiled some more. Words failing me.

I thought, "Perhaps he has never felt love"

I left the store a happy puppy. As I swung the paper bag in my arms, I felt so euphoric, you have no idea.

But, oh crap, I was late. So very late. And I knew that somehow or rather, it would turn out pretty ugly. In a way, I was wrong but not so wrong.

But a promise, is a promise.

Yesterday was the 31st.

A promise kept, despite the circumstances.

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Renee Meow said...

heyya dear..!! renee meow dropping by.. followed n linked u.. :)


Haneesa said...

thanks dear :)