April 19, 2011

close to sunrise.

Of course, in the plane, we had to eat. And being the girl who cannot live without rice, but didn't yet do any research about where I could eat rice in Perth when we arrived, I order Nasi Lemak. Yes, Melayu sangat I know. My husband, on the other hand, was better prepared to be "Australianised" and so he took the international meal which consists of lamb, potatoes and some other vege.

We were really lucky to get couple seats. It was just so exciting although for the most part of the journey, all we did was sleep.

When we arrived, it was still a tad bit dark, but sunrise was already on its way, we knew.

So, we decided to have some breakfast. It was gooood AND huge. Luckily I didn't give in to my nafsu and bought only one breakfast set instead of one each. Hehehe. But I've got to say that the hot chocolate was a huge disappointment. The one I tasted in Melbourne at that bagel shop was way way way better!

Oh, did I tell you of the one "unfortunate" incident that happened when we arrived? Obviously, those who travel would bring a lil' bit of food for at least the first day while we figured out where to get our food. And obviously, having previously traveled with my family, I sort of brought food enough to feed at least my siblings and I =.=".

Apparently, at some places, namely Perth, they have gotten so strict with the Quarantine Procedures, so much so that they chuck away my mayo tuna and ALL of my 3 in 1 milo and nescafe. ALL okay?!! Can you imagine how close I was to SHRIEKING at the sight of that??? *cry*

Damn, that was a real sedih moment for me. Husband kept telling me, "I told you so". And of course, since I did most of the packing, he had no idea of the amount of food I brought along. His eyes obviously went as wide as saucers ;p. Teeheehee =.="

After that, we fooled around a bit around the airport as there was still loads of time to kill before check-in time.

I'll leave you with an "I ♥ you baby" photo.

Please be wary that all you'll be seeing are photos of either one of us or us both. Feel free to puke. I promise I won't be offended teeheehee.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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