April 25, 2011

once in Fremantle.

Once in Fremantle, there are actually quite a number of things to see and do. And since I had my Master Navigator (husband la siapa lagi) with me, we didn't have much trouble finding the places we wanted to go to.


This is Greg James at the Sculptor Centre. We managed to impersonate him before continuing our journey to the South Mole. I don't ('til this very day) know why we were so intrigued with the South Mole. There was no clear description of what's there and what the place was all about and yet, we continued our journey under the scorching sun (and may I add, on foot).

Turns out that there really wasn't much of anything there but we took photos anyways. Again, the SELF-TIMER and its worldly wonders played a huge role that day.

After that, we went to the Maritime Museum and purchased tickets for entrance into the Museum and also to join the Submarine Tour. Have you ever been in a Submarine before? That was a first for me and I've got to say that it was kind of interesting, though a tad bit scary (not to mention claustrophobic) at first.

We had a very nice and experienced Guide by the name of Mike and he pretty much knew the Submarine in and out. It was a different kind of experience but a very good and knowledgeable one indeed. After the Submarine Tour, we decided to revisit the Maritime Museum. It was kind of interesting and the place and ship replicas etc. were just really humungous.

Then, we were becoming restless (sebab lapar sangat), so we needed to search for food. From the brochures, they kept on recommending the E Shed which happens to (supposedly) be the Shed for food (they also have A, B, C, D Sheds and all are for different purposes). Hopeful, we went there but was disappointed when there were only like 3 shops opened! Dahlah none of them looked delicious or welcoming. *Sigh*

So, we began our quest to look for better food. On the way there, we dropped by at the Round House. Here are some photos, if you'd like to see what we were up to while we were there.

Then, finally, we reached Sweetlips! Ah, bliss! We ordered our meals and simply enjoyed the sea breeze. It was all very nice. The fish and chips was actually quite nice. The batter was light and crunchy and everything was just how it's supposed to be. The only problem was the ice cream. Yes, the ice cream cost us AUD3.50 which I found to be ridiculous (do your math and x 3.2 and you'll understand why I think it's crazy).


Sebab Grilled Oyster yang jual dekat Sweetlips pun lagi murah. AUD2.20 je satu. Hahaha. Actually, it wasn't much of an issue pon, I just thought that it was a lil' absurd, is all.

After that scrumptious meal and our much needed rest, we visited the Shipwreck Museum and then headed to Fremantle Market. What I failed to remember was that Fremantle Market only opens on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Okay, kalau teringat balik rasa nak nangis because I really want to know what it's all about. Mungkin lain kali kalau ada rezeki kot? But on the bright side of things we managed to find some interesting shops there which sold all kinds of rustic and quirky stuff. Didn't buy anything though.

It was getting a lil' late but there was one more place to head to - the Prison. All the while, my husband told me that it was my call whether or not we were to join the 4.30 p.m. Prison Tour. Following my guts, I told him I didn't want to enter, so we just took photos. Turns out that he didn't fancy a Prison Tour either. Heheheh.

So, a few photos after, we decided to call it a day. But... before that, I already had my eyes on Coles, so apa lagi? Shopping for food lagi. Hahahaha. We managed to bag the most delicious peaches I have ever tasted. Yum yum yum.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


amira said...

ohmagaaddd.u still update T.T jealous much -,-" hahaha

imy, adik .

Haneesa said...

ahhahaha. of course i still update doink. not so busy like youuuuu ;p