April 17, 2011

it was the second.

Time flies, don't you think?

When we first bought our tickets some time mid-August last year, I thought of 8 months as a really, really long time to wait for. I mean, at that point in time, 4 months to the wedding was already an overbearingly long period of time, what more 8 months.

But 8 months passed by and came and the next thing I know, I was sitting next to a suitcase big enough to fit me, packing our necessities.

We left home on 2nd April 2011 at approximately 23:55. We turned 6 years on that date.

I cannot tell you how exciting it felt, at least not in words. But I can tell you that I was so euphoric that the memory of that day makes me want to cry tears of joy.

Dramatic, much, I know, but I think every married couple can attest to the fact that the honeymoon, especially if it's the first trip as a couple, would probably be one of the most if not the most exciting thing a married couple would ever go through together in their married lives.

We checked in our baggage at LCCT and roamed around the place. Had a few drinks and took (way too) many photos. I just couldn't wait to depart!

i ♥ u baby

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