April 21, 2011


By the way I ended the previous post, I’m sure you were smart enough to decipher that “Maybe” meant “Not at all”. Because we slept. And slept. And slept some more until close to 6.00 p.m. When we woke up, it was already dark and I knew that all the shops were already closed.

So, I prepared a lil’ bit of dinner from whatever we managed to savour during the Quarantine Procedure and we sat in bed flicking from channel to channel just to see if there was anything interesting to watch on TV.

Then, came the time for some “serious and proper planning”. I took out my notebook and we had to make some changes to our earlier plans because some tours weren’t available on the days we initially planned on going.

So, the following morning (Monday), we had our breakfast first at the hotel and I devoured all the yummy breads and croissants and English muffins, which I think really alarmed my husband because I don't think he's seen me eat like that before. I told him to cut me some slack because I was hungry for rice and when I want rice and don't get it, that's what happens. I overindulge in other things in hopes of making myself fuller. Haih.

After breakfast, we decided to book our trip at the Western Travel Bug which is on Murray St.. If you remember, we had already been to Murray St. the day before so that was easy peasy!

What WASN’T easy peasy was the fact that the Western Travel Bug Office is at No. 500 something something, which is at the END of Murray St., which is much, much farther than the Murray St. we know of. To make matters worst, when we arrived at the office (all the way on foot!!), it was closed! Terduduk sekejap dekat situ.

In the end, I just called them up and in about 3 minutes, I managed to book a trip for Tuesday (following day) which I will talk about in another post. Bijak.

So, after the whole Western Travel Bug episode, my husband treated me to a pair of shoes and slippers and Jim Kidd and I thereafter instantly became best friends. Heehehhee.

Then, began our real journey. When we first arrived in Perth, we both decided that we would try out all modes of transportation available and since that Monday was such a beautiful, sunny day, we decided to head to Fremantle via train.

Upon reaching our destination, this is what we saw.

Beautiful, no? Although it is just ports and not much else, we were actually in awe at how blue the water and the skies were on that day.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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