March 30, 2011

gatai ya bang.

Every couple of years, I get itchy.

Like really itchy.

And then, before I give in to my "itch", everyone else in the house gets itchy as well. The difference between them and me is that they don't think much about giving in. They just do.

Look at Adik. She didn't think twice. And left the shop with no regrets.

tengok yang ini memang no regrets. tak rasa nak nangis ke tengok Adik macam dah besar? ;')
okay, macam temenggung jugah. nasib baik babah sayang dia walaupun rambut pelik ;p

Yours truly, on the other hand, likes to think it through again and again and again and all she gets at the end of the day is a massive headache. And no solution.

Thankfully, after a week of stress and sleepless nights, I was forced to give in to my "itch" because it was getting really itchy, literally.

Every once in a while, I would feel and see "snowflakes" falling. Like, hello? We don't have snow in Malaysia, right? Turns out that those "snowflakes" came from my head! ARGH.

After the exams on Thursday, I went back home, had some lunch, surfed the net and made a decision.

I wanted to chop the devil.

Problem is, there is no Snips anywhere near where I live. Or is there? I wasn't too sure about visiting a saloon I don't frequent. And then, *ting ting*, I remembered this place I went to a day before my engagement. It's in Mines, which is close enough.

So, I packed my nerves in a locked closet at home and packed my courage in my handbag. I had not chopped the devil in close to 2 years. It was quite alot to take.

And then, the next thing I know, I was sitting there in the chair, flipping through the pages of the magazine for some kind of inspiration. Boleh? I went to the shop without a "clear cut plan" so, at that point, I didn't know what I would look like coming out of that shop.

This was my inspiration. But the stylist told me that the only way I would be able to achieve that look was if I permed my hair. Big no-no for me virgin hair okay!

So, I told her to cut to the desired length and style and she asked me,

"Rambut begitu panjang, mengapa nak potong begitu pendek?"
(Your hair is so long, why do you want to cut it so short?)


So, I didn't cut it so short in the end. Despite her talking me out of cutting it to the desired length, I love how the stylist was very honest with me, especially when I told her that I wanted my my fringe shortened and she said,

"Sedikit saja aa? You pun cakap sama saya you tak suka blow rambut ma? Nanti rambut you tak cantik"
(Just a lil' bit okay? You told me you don't like to blowdry your hair right? Your hair won't look nice.)


Guilty as charged.

So, this is how I ended up looking, coming out of the shop.

fine, tak la lain sangat pun. hmmmph.

I loved it though!

No regrets!

And this was a few days after. Rasa seperti masih cantik. Ecececeh. Perasan.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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