March 29, 2011

Stop it,


For my sanity's sake, please stop being a freaking psycho.

Thing is, I know that you don't even know that you're acting like one and I am THIS close to just telling you to get a grip and just stop it. Please. Just stop it.

The best part is that you don't even realise that it's you I'm talking about, right?

I don't want to be nasty and I honestly don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. But when I feel like I am being pushed to the wall with absolutely no breathing space, I just feel like retaliating. Actually, more than anything, the more you pursue me, the more I will back away.

One day, I hope you wake up realising that there is no point in any of this any more. No point at all.

Please just stop. You're making me call you a psycho.

Because to be honest, you're acting like one. Stop it.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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