March 10, 2011


Of late, I have been reading a lot. And my reads have been from quite a number of ranges; chic lit, literary and magazines, to name a few.

I discovered this thing about myself; I suffer from intolerable inferiority complex each time I read the Reader’s Digest. Really. Every time I pick that small reading material up and delve deep into the short stories, tips and jokes in it, I feel inadequate in a way I cannot quite comprehend myself.

After all, it’s just a Digest, for crying out loud!

In my opinion, to come up with a reading material which is short, sweet and precise takes a lot more skill and effort than writing a chic lit book.

And for that, I always end up in a limbo – a writing limbo, that is. Hence this blog suffers my silent treatment as I attempt to get over my idiocy of not being able to come up with something interesting enough to even keep myself reading until the end of the entry.

Hence, until I get over my inferiority that my English is equivalent to that of a primary school goer, I will continue writing nothing of substantial value or significance.

And here I thought at the beginning of this post that I would pledge to stop writing nonsense for a while. But really, did you really think I would give up rambling?

Nah. Not in a million years. Who on earth was I kidding?

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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