November 27, 2013

the road with no U-turn.

Every day, when I look at my legs, I see the damage shaving has done to them and wonder why the younger me was so damn dumb. Now, my legs aren't what they used to be and worst part of it all is that there's really nothing I can do to repair it. Unless of course, I opt for plastic surgery. 

But then again, as much as I hate what it has become, I am still thankful that I still have legs, no matter how unladylike they now look like. 

At the end of the day, it's little lessons in life like these that I realise how there are really no U-turns in life. 

I can't turn back time and I can't undo my actions. 

I can only move on. 

That's the reality. And the reality is life.

On a related note, at the moment, we are faced with big decisions. 

We have run through the motions over and over and over in our head, we've discussed and argued and hey, guess what, we're ready. Whatever the decision may be. 

We know that our considerations are real and again, reality is life. And in life, we sometimes have to make these kind of decisions although we know that this time, like many other times, there will be no U-turns. 

But it's okay. We'll be okay.

Even though there is no point of return, it doesn't mean that there's no way forward. 

So, carry on.

With blood and tears and hope and all. 

Just carry on.

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