November 16, 2013

kan saya pakai tudung?

You see, a few months back, some time circa Raya Aidilfitri, I was contemplating whether or not I should get myself a haircut. Anybody who's seen my hair pre-headscarf would already know that my hair has a life of its own, but post-partum, oh boy, it really started to prove how much life it actually had. 

You see, after I donned the headscarf, I thought I would have less qualms about cutting my hair or at least not give as much thought as was the case pre-headscarf, but NOOO, I still couldn't bring myself to just chop it off. Gah.

However, with post-partum baby fat, self-esteem issues and lack of sleep, I didn't need chronic hair loss and dandruff to add on to the list of things that were making me feel any less attractive.

After much discussion with my husband, he encouraged me to take that leap of faith (like what??? it's just hair, it'll grow!) and all we had to do was to decide on a style that suited me. Not that it mattered so much to the public, but it mattered to me how my husband looked at me.

He then suggested the unthinkable (to me at least), which is to cut it really short, like a certain someone on my Instagram timeline, which he thought would suit me really well AND save me from all the hassle of having to ACTUALLY take care of my hair.

I was repelled by the idea, obviously

But he continued to coax me,

"Cuba awak potong rambut macam XXX. Cantik!" 
(Why don't you cut your hair like XXX. It's pretty!)

To which a defiant me replied,

"Tapi saya kan kerja Kerajaan. Saya tak boleh pergi kerja rupa macam lelaki okay!"
(But I work with the Government. I can't go to work looking like a boy okay!)

To which he of course replied with that look like that was the silliest thing he's ever heard in his whole life because.... admittedly it was really silly! Gah!


Epic FAIL.

Kan saya pakai tudung sekarang. Sabar je lah.

Anyways. I finally cut my hair on one fine Saturday morning. And I'm loving it.

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