November 21, 2013

good eats.

My photos on Instagram are mostly of food, my baby and my family, which are 3 of the things I love most, though I do think that photos of food ALWAYS appear because I really do love to eat. But come to think of it, my love for food isn't really from the love of eating them, but more from the love of cooking.

My Mama tells me that as a person, I have always been very domesticated. From an early age, I have experimented with ingredients of all sorts and notwithstanding my kitchen misadventures, my quest for domestication has continued until now. 

Because I'm such a domestic creature, when my husband suggests that we have any meal outside (of course in good faith especially after a long hard day at work), I cringe. Okay, I lie. My first reaction would always be... "ALHAMDULILLAH, I HAVE AN AWESOME HUSBAND WHO UNDERSTANDS", plus I do enjoy occasional good eats. But after a whole week of eating out, I eventually find excuses to eat in. 

Tapi saya dah defrost chicken.
Tapi saya boleh masak sekejap je. Lepas Maghrib dah siap (walaupun selalunya tidak)! 
Tapi, tapi, tapi.
Okay, fine, makan luar tapi awak pilih.
Tapi saya nak masak.
Tapi saya dah boring.
Tapi, tapi, tapi. 

In a nutshell, eating in makes me happy although it requires a tad bit more effort on my part and some patience on my husband's. 

But really, how can you not be happy when your meal turns out like this -

Or this -

Or this -

Or this -

Or this -

 Or this - 

Seriously??? How can you not be happy????

Some of my friends who don't cook often tell me that they don't get it. But for me personally, cooking, on most occasions, is the highlight of my day.

Patut lah perut bertingkek-tingkek.

And I still have the cheek to wonder why. Pfttt.

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