November 03, 2013

I do it for Abu.

Every year without fail, the UiTM Moot Club would call me up to offer me to be one of the judges for the Interpart Moot Competition. While I was previously reluctant, citing lack of experience as an excuse, in 2011, I made a "comeback" of some sort. Of course, back then, I also had the rest of the gang with me, so it wasn't so bad. Last year though, I had to decline because I couldn't get anyone to baby sit Luqman for me so this year, I thought I'd go back to where I felt I most belonged. 

To be very honest, I didn't really research on the subject matter because I had my own work to do at work. But, at first glance, just by reading the statement of facts, I knew that one of grounds would be on a constitutional matter. Ahh, was glad I agreed to participate! My Saturday would be so interesting, I thought. 

So, yesterday morning, I dragged my sleepy baby and sleepy husband to Shah Alam for the first rounds of the Interpart.

a notebook and a token. i love them both, thank you!
Being on that side of the bench felt SO good. Of course it felt good, I was the one with the questions! Hahahaha. I admit that I may have been a tad bit mean, but I know what it's going to be like at the finals and the judges then will most definitely have very little mercy on them. 

Having said that, after being in the work force for about 5 years now, I have to admit that UiTM graduates were not exposed to proper research and opinion writing (at least during my time, well what do you expect, it was Nazim who "thought" us, if he did teach us anything at all). After having met graduates from other law schools, I always find myself in awe with their research skills. Impeccable, I tell you! 

Knowing how important proper research is, that was one of the criteria I looked for when judging. Hmmm... and to be honest, it was quite disappointing. No wonder people tell me the quality of graduates have gone down the drain. There were basic questions that went unanswered and let's not get started on their understanding of the Supreme Law of the Federation. Clearly, I expected better. Luckily I didn't know which part they are in before I judged. Kalau tak, mungkin dapat borderline pass aje budak-budak tu. As it is, I think I was pretty strict with my scoring this time round.

But all in all, it was so good to be back! I really enjoyed myself and god willing, I'll continue to participate.

And Abu? Every year, I do it for Abu. Only this year, there was no Abu there. And I is sad.Very sad indeed.

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