November 20, 2013


If we ever have lunch dates these days, it normally lasts for about 45 minutes tops. 

But it's normally in that 45 minutes that we have like the best time as a couple after so many weeks of hard work and seriousness. 

This time was no different.
On our most recent lunch date, we were remarking over how wonderful it was to have found a much cheaper alternative to our favourite drink, the caramel machiatto from Starbucks. 

I told my husband, 

"You know what, this taste exactly like caramel machiatto when chilled, kan?"


"Yeap. Pandai tak abang?"

image Googled.

Umakaih, tersembur Pokka!

Both of us,

But I did ask him,

"Awak nak saya panggil awak Abang, ke "Bang"???"

You know what he said, 


No offence to anyone who calls their husbands Abang though. I just can't... can't call my husband Abang. 

 Been friends for waayyy too long, I guess. 

Plus, he's not up for it, either, so I guess we're good, eh "Bang"?

(oh yes, he reads my blog)


shueyshoelove said...

hahah. high five. i dont do the abang bit too! thank you for the revelation of pokka coffee. i am soooo gonna try that! pernah nampak kat shelve tapi tak pernah cuba sbb im overly obsessed with their green tea or white chrysanthemum tea.

Haneesa said...

hahaha five back to ya! memang cannot goo la with the abam here and there. hehehe. nasib dia tak kisah! you should try it really sedap! but i can understand your love for green tea sebab sedap juga! hope you like the pokka milk coffee as much as i do :)