November 18, 2013

meandering the isles.

Meandering has really become one of life's little luxuries these days.

Not that I'm complaining though it seems like so and I admit that the lack of it has actually been a saviour to my pocket, but I can't help but miss it sometimes.

Having missed it so much, I decided that I would go to Cold Storage during lunch hour last Friday ALONE. I just wanted to meander. Surely that's not too much to ask for right?

And then, my colleagues asked me whether or not I would like to join them for lunch at this new place in Jaya Grocer (which I honestly thought odd in the beginning as I've never seen a Jaya Grocer with a food court in it), and though I knew I wouldn't be alone, it was an offer I couldn't quite resist. Plus, if it's close enough to Jaya Grocer, that would mean that I'd still be able to meander as planned. 

Turns out to be one of the best lunch dates I've had with friends in a while. 

The food was SO GOOD, I became so thick-skinned that I admitted I might have a mental problem since I was busy taking photos of my food. 

My lunch was roasted chicken with 2 sides which only cost RM15++. I took the roasted garden vegetables and sauteed mushroom salad as my sides and they definitely tasted as good as they looked. All in all, I was seriously very pleasantly surprised and I have my colleague to thank for introducing us to this really nice eatery. I didn't take any photos other than my food though, but the little deli right in the middle of Jaya Grocer was clean and quaint and smelled really nice.

As for the meandering part... well, guess who came back smiling like a goon because she managed to get her hands on these (among other things)?

My husband definitely got a great dinner that night (chewwah. perasan nak mampus).

But hey, I ain't joking! ;)

Salmon| Spinach| Capers| Cream Sauce| Spaghetti


shueyshoelove said...

is this jaya grocer in bukit jelutong or in putrajaya. tetiber excited new place to makan!

Haneesa said...

shuey, it's at Bangi Gateway yang mall baru on the way to ilkap tu. just opened there :)