November 11, 2013

Partners before Parents.

I do sometimes think that I don't say it often enough, at least not verbally, but I really do love my husband.

Apart from my ridiculous egotism, there's really no excuse or reason as to why I don't say "I love you" as often as I feel it. In fact, this treatment isn't exclusive towards him alone, it also applies to my son and my family members and everyone I really actually care for. I don't say it, I find more comfort in showing it. Is this peculiar to only me, I wonder? Whatever it is, I really am trying my best to improve in this department and I think my husband can attest to it.

The amazing thing is, my husband keeps on doing amazing things to and for me, regardless. 

And though I feel extremely grateful for being blessed with such a good life, there are times when I don't feel the need to say it, especially not to the whole wide world. Well, since he's so amazing, I'm not surprised if anyone wants to steal him, so yeah, a girl's got to do something to watch her back, ehehe, kidding (not really kidding).

But today, I feel like I should do a special mention. Although it was nothing out of the ordinary, it was done out of sheer logic and compassion towards my situation and not many husbands would have done it for their wives. 


You see, Luqman is at the REALLY clingy stage. You know I really mean it when I've caps locked the really. It has escalated to a point where he has to at least FEEL my presence even with his eyes closed. I don't know the cause and I'm trying to find out but for the most part, I do think that this is merely a phase. But it's a REALLY trying phase. It's adorable at times and frankly kind of heartwarming, but when I'm in a hurry or I've got something cooking in the oven or when I'm getting ready for work, it's not funny at all. I mean like, seriously, nobody likes a screaming baby, even less so when you know you're like minutes away from sending him to school, meaning that your last memories with him that morning involve tears trickling down his cheeks and him clinging to you for dear life like a baby koala. 


So, this morning, although my husband was rushing for a site visit, he offered to alleviate my... situation. He just offered to send my baby to school so that I could have some peace of mind, so that I could get ready uninterrupted and not have to worry about a screaming baby all by myself. And although my so called "freedom" was for just about an hour or so, it really does change my state of being.

And for that, I love him so very much. 

He makes me remember that we're partners before parents.

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