December 02, 2013

hello (again) December!

Ah, time flies!

Though I am naturally the nostalgic type, I am especially so at this time of year. Every time December arrives, I'd be thinking about my relationship with my husband; what we were and what we have become and hey, sedar tak sedar, we've been married for (almost) 3 years now! Congratulations!

This year was especially trying for us. The first quarter of 2013, we were "separated" by circumstances. When he came back, we had to relearn how to live together again. And while we were busy adjusting, my husband broke his pinky from a basketball game and our baby was infected by Hand Foot Mouth Disease. Suddenly, May was gone and it was mid-year already. I was grasping at straws at work and was finding reasons to stay or to leave and then, Alhamdulillah, all my hard work paid off and I got my much awaited (and much deserved, people said) promotion (and so I stayed hehe).

And then, I was transferred to a new department and we've been going through so many ups and downs since then. 2013 has proved to be anything BUT mundane; clearly telling me how wrong I was in the beginning, RIGHT IN YOUR FACE, SISTAH!

In 2013, I have learned that marriage is not about me, but more about US and that no matter how different we've become from what we once were, it is a process that we all have to live with, for us to grow.

Past few weeks, I've been thinking alot about us. I really have. My memory mostly centers around him kissing us good morning on the first day of DPA and how there was a mix of emotions on his face and demeanour. I keep thinking about how hard I cried on that day and the many other tears I cried from then on. I also keep thinking about those times when we argued about all the things married couples argue about, some of which being time, attention, needs, work and... money. I remember when we finally both got out of our shells and started telling each other EVERYTHING, without fear of judgement and without taking too much offence. We've also learned to work on bettering ourselves from the constructive criticism we receive from each other. We've learned that just because we tell each other off, it doesn't mean that we love each other any less.

I feel like 2013 has been a year full of lessons for us as partners and also as parents.

And in a few more weeks, we'll be in a whole new year.

With age and experience, I have learned to expect the worst, but to also hope for the best. 

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