December 19, 2013

facepalm kuasa dua.

So, my husband's on a long leave. But I'm not. Pelik tapi benar but he's got to finish his leave because he's got no use for them anymore, whereas I'll be needing mine a whole lot. 

So, my husband went out for a basketball game this morning and came back home hungry. Obviously he called me up, telling me how hungry he was, how nice it would be if his wife (read: me, of course) could come home with some nice hot lunch and if I can't make it tak apa lah, kesian lah suami kelaparan. Pffft. Who can say no to that, of course I ran back home for lunch. Takut suami murka, kot!

So, we had lunch together at home and I made him send me back to work, since I was too lazy to park my own car. Hehe. Tit for tat, butter for fat. 

On the way to the office,

"Awak, Nestle kan, diorang kan ada launch kopi baru smooth latte tu."

"Oh, yeah? Smooth latte?"


"Oh, okay, okay. I don't know. Why eh?"

"Just now saya cari kat kedai tak ada pun?"

"La, ye ke? Kedai apa yang awak cari tu?"

"Kedai Petronas"



"Eh, betul laaah, Petronas jual semua benda okay!!!"

"I don't care, I'm going to blog this, hahahahaha!!! I thought you cari kat Cold Storage ke kat mana!"

*straight face* "FINE!"

So, I got back to the office and after a while, I got a little sleepy. So, I decided to blog about this but I had to see what this Smoovlatte my husband was raving about. 

Found this. 

|image Googled|


Hey, it should already be in Petronas lah!

*facepalm kat diri sendiri!*

Look who's laughing now! Lain kali jangan lawan cakap husband, tahu!

p.s.: where can we find this? we're coffee junkies! ;)


yayahafiza said...

hahahah.... no wonder he look for that at the petrol station.... but i like his response... boleh buat tagline.... hahaha

Haneesa said...

itu lah. kakak ingat dia cari the ones in the sachet. mmg igt tak ada lah. sekali dalam botol. tag line dia promote petronas sangat okay! hahah. but i finally found it in 7Eleven!!!!