December 03, 2013

I'm so (not) romantic.

Our next wedding anniversary coincidentally falls on our bonus month.

The other day my husband kept asking me whether I would like a handbag or something else.

Having just baked 4 oreo brownies in a one morning (yes, I can be crazy when I’m in the mood), you can just imagine the amount of “leftovers” I’ve been licking off the mixing bowl, so I was kind of bewildered when he asked me if I needed another handbag.

Looked up from my mixing bowl with mouth smudged with brownie mix, raised my eyebrow, smiled and said,

“Aw, thanks sweetheart, but I’d rather you buy me a treadmill.”

 Like, seriously. I would be so upset if he got me a handbag.

Apart from my (terrible) habit of licking leftovers from the my mixing bowls, I also happen to have colleagues who love to either eat or cook, or both. And I fall in the "Both" Category. Certainly doesn't help me with this situation I'm in. Yes, I consider this a situation; THIS being my expanding appetite and with that, my expanding midriff and jiggly thighs. I'm not lying.

I told this to some of my colleagues and they just rolled their eyes. They keep telling me that I’m not fat and each time they say it with so much conviction, I feel like stripping naked in front of them so that they can see exactly what it is that’s making me feel so bad.

Sure, I’m not fat, but hello there, is that a muffin top? Sure does look like one to me.

Yes, underneath those loose blouses are excess baggage, embellished, kept hidden, "nipped" and “tucked” safely from the eye of the public. I’m so glad people say I don’t look so bad for a mother of 1 and that I’ve been mistaken as a fresh graduate before, but you know what, at the end of the day, only you really know your body.

And that body feels like it can do better.

Of course it can do better. 

This body used to run 4 x 100 and was a school athlete. This body used to play futsal every single Thursday night. This body also used to go for brisk morning and evening walks around the huge park nobody else attempted. This body also used to go up and down stairs, even when it was heavily pregnant. This body used to sweat profusely at least twice a week, now this body doesn’t even see any sunlight anymore, let alone sweat!

So, yes, I am dead serious about the treadmill. 

Kalau tak, bagi kasut jogging baru pun jadilah. 

my not so secret colour. | image googled.

Ewah dead serious betul ni Kak.

Why so serious.

image googled.
Well, I don't like no muffin (top), do you?


Oh, by the way, what will I be giving him as an anniversary present, you might ask?

That's easy! Treadmill for me, I give him hot, hot body!

Aw aw awwuuuu! ;)

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