December 12, 2013

something's on my mind.

We always felt so good, together.
The days just roll on by.

Something's on my mind. 

Can you tell? 

Can you tell from my silence that there's actually something really huge in my head right now; so huge that I'm not so sure whether or not I should tell.

But I guess for now, I shouldn't. Though, just to make things clear, I'm more than happy with the "huge something in my head". It's not bugging me; I'm just a constant worrywart. Haha.

On another note, I honestly think I'm lucky in so many ways.


Defrosted a ready made, store bought pizza for my husband's breakfast last night. 

Woke up slightly later than planned but still managed to preheat the oven and put the pizza in the pan to... "burn". 

It was an easy enough feat and it should have turned out wonderful. 

But this is what it turned out to be. 

Looks horrible I know but I didn't throw out because it's still edible. Just didn't have the heart to pack this for my husband though.
I was so upset, I ran back to our bedroom. Told my husband I was so sorry I burnt his breakfast that I didn't have a Plan B and whether he would like an egg and cheese sandwich instead. I was really upset to mess up such an easy task. 

He called me to him, gave me a huge hug, kissed my forehead and told me that it's okay. "Can I have some bread and nutella for breakfast, please?"

As simple as that.


I guess life is actually less complicated that we assume it to be. 

We make it what it is. 

So, I guess it's our job to make it easy. So, let's just take it easy. 


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