December 27, 2013

another baby.

What? Another one? Whose? Mine?

Nah. Not ready for another one tapi sengaja buat onar di pagi Jumaat. 

What I actually meant is the other baby.

Theodore. Yes, you remember him, right? You should. He used to fill this blog with my "aspiring to be photographer" photos. 

I haven't seen or attended to Theodore much since I gave birth to Luqman though I honestly thought (and wished) that I had taken more photos with him since he does such a great job of capturing moments. As an act of rebellion, Theodore went all dead on me when I picked him up from his bag just the other day. 

I've been toying with the idea of selling Theodore since forever, but I just couldn't. So, I thought I'd bring it out to play for a while, since I had the time.

What better way to spend time with Theodore than to bring it out to play on a public holiday, at my most favourite place - the airport. 

Airports. I love them. Barring one horrible incident in Karachi, I've had pleasant experiences where airports are concerned. Even at the ridiculously crowded, chaotic one in Abu Dhabi. I love airports because of the endless opportunities they depict; I can sit there for hours, just watching people pass me by, just wondering what their stories are, dreaming of my own dreams. Of course, I love it most if I'm at the airport because I'm the one who's going places, but point is, even if I wasn't, I wouldn't mind being there, just because. 

I thought it was time I instilled the same love in Luqman, after all, it's never too early to start, right?

Of course, the whole experience had to begin with him riding in the train. 

Which he loved! 

He was marveling at everything that we passed by and I'm mighty glad he enjoyed it. 

And when we arrived, the abundance of space gave him so much freedom to run around, so much so that I didn't have the heart to say no to him each time he thought it was funny to turn around and restart his journey from a new point each time we were heading to the Menara Tinjau. 

And when we finally reached the Menara Tinjau... wow, Subhanallah. It has always looked the same and hasn't changed that much from the last time I saw it, but yes, if the airport as a whole was amazing, the Menara Tinjau just makes you dream even more. 

We stayed there for a considerable amount of time and for a moment of brevity (of course when Luqman was having his milk), all 3 of us just stared out the huge windows in silence; a comforting, therapeutic silence. 

My husband and I then both agreed that should any of us feel down and in need of a "getaway", we're allowed to jump on the train and make our way to the airport.

The night had to end with a cranky baby who insisted that we got out of the moving train, but I didn't mind. I had such a great night and nothing could take that away from me. 

the dotted sky.


mirasalehin_ said...

Luqman nampak besar sangat and I just saw him last week! :O

Haneesa said...

i know right! wait til you see him in his "lee min ho" shirt (oh, crap i haven't bought his coloured pants yet!) nanti mesti nampak lagi bujang hehehehe! can't wait to see you (and my jacket mueheheheh!)