December 31, 2012

Dear Santa,

 Susulan mesyuarat terdahulu, berikut merupakan wish list saya. I've been good, I promise ;)

Since I am now all covered on top,
I still think that I should look great,
At that place where all looks now pop,
I can fit in a six to eight!

So many things, give you headache, aiyooo!
Perhaps “V.R.” would make you less glum,
It’s size 38, its colours glow,
But be forewarned, I have the plum!

But if you really want me to love you,
I’d like a Braun Buffel bag, the one in blue!


It doesn’t hurt to wish, no? I love this time of year.

Come on, people! Tell me watchu want! Hak hak!

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Farah said...

hello so much time ah to come up with rhymes all? hahaha

gosh woman within budget lah, braun buffel? the one in petaling street can la hahahahaha

eh macam i dpt ur name je? hahahaha we shall see ;p

Haneesa said...

ahahahah, ini lah akibat nya bila dah dapat freedom dari kerja yang terlalu banyak hahahah.

eh, you're may santa again???? waaaahhh ;)

braun buffel baru la kelas ;p ;p ;p

jaja said...

aku baca blurr jer...hahhaaha V.R?blurr lagik,hahahah

Haneesa said...

ahhahahah do i have 2 santas? omaigod, i better check the paper i picked. pakai assume je who i have to get for sekali salah. hahahahhaha

jaja said...

hahaha, tidak terlibat...saja2 sibok nak tgk gak...hehehhe