August 25, 2011


The only place in this whole office which is not cold is the toilet. And the only place in this office with reliable-enough tissue papers is the toilet. So, I’ve been in the toilet most of the time. Kalau bukan bulan puasa, mungkin terpaksa rapat-rapat dengan syaitan. Orang kata toilet tu lubuk syaitan, kan?

Berapa minggu tak update, bila update terus merungut, ye? Tak senonoh betul.

Hello dan assalamualaikum semua. I have been away for a long, long time (by my standards) and there is nothing that warrants my absence. And I have no intention to make up any reasons just because.

I have been so under the weather lately. The photo you see above is a only a fraction of my limited “collection” of tissue papers I have been using up like nobody’s business. Sneezing non-stop. Coughing also. It’s no way to end Ramadan and begin Raya, but that’s the way life goes I guess.

These past few weeks have been pretty eventful, actually. We went back to my husband’s hometown and went back to his kampung, where I had the bestest kampung food in a long, long time. His nenek is such a great cook, even her simple dishes like sup sayur is the bomb!

Though Raya is approaching, we still don’t have any kuih raya and we plan to make them this weekend. Harap-harap sempatlah. Kalau dapat 3 jenis pun dah cukup gembira hati ini. Yes, when you’re so used to baking your own cookies, you no longer know which ones are good to buy, membuatkan you have to “terpaksa” buat juga every year. Sebenarnya best gila, but if only without this flu. I may have to wear my mask nanti and jadi mandur saja kepada Mama and Adik. Jadi mandur Mama tu. Keji punya anak. Hehe.

Actually, no one is in the mood for work, tapi work keeps piling. The other day, we were asked to list the works under our purview and wow, I didn’t know I had THAT much until I listed them all. I have a few discussions lining up, but for fear that I infect everyone with my very not-Raya-friendly disease, I only communicate via emails. And then, because I am so tired from my non-stop snot snotting, I sleep on their emails. Habislah, I’ll have a “ball” catching up on my work after Raya.


Sebenarnya, I have nothing much to update on. Ada sebenarnya, tapi tak pasti cerita basi ada orang nak dengar ke lagi.

When I start writing like this (like I am berborak with you), you know that I can’t put even 5 minutes into drafting a good post kan? So, I’ll leave this blog for now and look forward for tomorrow to end. Lepas tu boleh buka puasa dan balik rumah Mama yes!

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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