August 09, 2011

Macarooni Bandwagon.

image googled.

Pray, tell me...

Apart from the fact that macaroons are vividly-coloured and extremely “photogenic”, what is it about them that’s making everyone go so crazy?

Please, tell me.

I’ll come clean before I go on with this entry – I’ve only tasted it twice, in 3 different flavours and none of them came from the shop named Whisk or the likes. So, I may change my mind on this subject matter. Just maybe.

Thing is this. My experience with macaroons hasn’t really been bad. But I didn’t think they’re that great either to deserve all the rage that they’re receiving. So, seriously, what’s so good about it, really?

Apart from being the “highly sugar and colouring-laden confectionaries” that they are?

Is there any particular reason why people love macaroons so much?

Or this is just another case of “lets-jump-on-the-macaroon-bandwagon-already” since everyone is so fond of doing the whole bandwagon exercise these days?

Because I’m starting to think that only a really, really, really sweet tooth can stomach them macaroons without giving them a toothache.


You sure won’t see me on the Macarooni Bandwagon anytime soon. Unless of course, some macaroon can change my mind. We'll see. 

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


dura m. said...


try miss x, the bride to be!

i had tasted her macarons and masyaAllah..awesome gila!

Moose said...

i only bought macaroon once and it was meant for the hantaran. never actually get a bite until my MIL made some. macaroons in general is nothing to shout about. but MIL made the perfect (almond-laden and chewy) macaroon shell with filling that are to die for. i think the filling plays an important role here. those at the store macaroons normally use the normal buttercream. but there are alot of different and tasty filling actually.

my fave (of MIL's) would be green tea, butterrscoth caramel, salty caramel & choc ganache

Haneesa said...

dura m: really? maybe i should try and order from her some time. thanks for the suggestion :)

moose: i never thought much about macaroons before until i saw how crazy ppl have gone about them, when i thought they were just okay. i'm sure the ones that your MIL makes are delish :). after all, people always say that homemade is the best. maybe i should try some day ;)