August 05, 2011

where did it go to?

As unmaterialistic as I claim to be, I have to admit that it am still... realistic.

As much as I know that money isn’t everything, it still is something. And it is something big enough to affect even the strongest of bonds.

After all, didn’t they say that “money is the root of all evil?”

I was reading Shuey’s blog and I came to realise that her parents are EXACTLY like mine. And ‘til this day, I still wonder how they did it, with such little pay. How? Really, how?

So, I sat down and rationalized my spending. And I came to the realisation that I am not lavish. Really, I am not. Not in the sense where I buy clothes every month or buy furniture or trinkets for my home and myself.

My pay, is mostly spent on necessities, like car, fuel, toiletries and FOOD.

So, where did all my money go?

Now, let’s talk about food.

I don’t know about you, but I’m the type who doesn’t like to “berkira” when it comes to food. Much as we eat in most of the time, when we do eat out, we go ALL OUT. I love to “let loose”. Just a little.

But a little goes a long way, no?

If I multiply the “littles” I have been spending for the last 7 months, I would have probably saved A LOT.

So, much as it is “uncool” (for lack of better word) to cut down our spending on food, it is a necessary evil all the same. Because believe it or not, food makes up a huge portion of our spending and that’s where our household income has been directed towards all this while.

I’ve been thinking of how difficult it is to save, especially so when you’ve had such a rough working month and you feel like you deserve every right to pamper yourself silly. And especially so when you’ve deducted everything that needs to be paid and there’s still some balance in your bank account, which have NO SIGNS of improving. Sometimes, you get tempted to just spend it all away.

I hope we all find the courage and strength to start saving. SOON. It’s never too late, isn’t it? And I hope we find the wisdom in knowing that we do not have to have what others’ have (at this point) and that it doesn’t make us any less of a person.

I guess our best bet is to hide the “extras” (if any) and stash it somewhere it can grow.

And I know that most of us know that that’s the way to go. It’s just the “getting started” part that’s so slow.

But know that Allah will help those who help themselves. So, we better help ourselves already.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Nina said...

i can't seem to save too! lol... my friend say setting aside RM100 for 20 years to a unit trust makes wonders. I can't remember the figure exactly. Tapi byk jugak la with the compounding interest accumulate over 20 years.. But such savings bolah la for our retirement. For emergency savings lain la lagi.. I'm still waiting for her to show me the investment schedule for investing RM100 per month... nanti i share with u... ;) Why don't you do ASB loan. I've started 3 years ago, now I'm using the yearly dividend to pay off the monthly loan installment ;) the first year jer la you have to fork out your own money ;)

Haneesa said...

unit trusts? hmmm... i've heard many things about this one. and most family members have had bad experiences with it, so don't think i want to try. thanks for the tip though. it's hard to save but i think if i just START, then, it becomes a habit, no? hehe. thanks for your advices. and happy saving dear :)

Caffeine Addict said...

Hey there my fevret girl :)

if you have no issue with the halal-ness of ASB, why not opt for ASB. It offers you 7% dividend annually, much higher than depositing money in any banking institution.

Alternatively, Tabung Haji is a good option. Dividend pon tinggi gak, and paling penting (unless u link ur account to bank rakyat or bank islam atm card), susah nak draw.... and boleh potong terus dari gaji heheheh

Haneesa said...

AYUUU!!! it has been so long since we met kan? last Ramadan i think?

thank you for your suggestion!

i'm planning to stash away my money in Tabung Haji, actually pagi tadi masa sahur saya terfikir.

once i get confirmed (after 3 years pls, finally!), i'm going to put the amount of EPF yang normally potong into Tabung Haji.

and yes, i shall remember to NOT LINK IT TO AN ATM CARD.


nice of you to drop by :)

Caffeine Addict said...

Girl, am a loyal reader of your ramblings okay :)

read your entry the other day, but er... sorry for not dropping a 'hi'. Met shida, navee and hadi for iftar last thursday. I know you are caught up with lots of work. Faham sangat2... but hey, we miss you too. BIG TIME. really2 miss those time, A LOT.

yep, ramadhan last year. Memang dah lama tak meet up. Guilty as charged ;p planning to take a day off and drop by putrajaya to hang out with u guys, maybe time lunch hour on friday :) will let you know