August 16, 2011

when you have to beat brownies

Say what?

Yeap, you heard me right, alright. What do you have to do when you have to beat brownies?

Thanks to a certain someone (read: Mama yang baik hati), all our recipes have been revealed to anyone who asks her. Be it her cookies, cakes or other dishes, her cookbook is always open for everyone to copy.

Which, is all well and dandy if everyone isn’t family. But all those who have copied are family. And now, we have the same cookies and cakes. And brownies not excluded.


In fact, Na has gotten so good at baking brownies, she even makes money out of it! That’s not even my point, actually. My point is that since we have the same recipes, it becomes increasingly difficult to bring anything to potlucks these days, without the risk of having dishes/desserts that are the same.

So, last weekend, when my mom said I should bring some fruits, I came bearing “fruits”.

I searched high and low on the internet for a good recipe and found one, which I thought was worth trying. Plus of course, it had to be one which uses ingredients I already have.

In all my attempts to beat brownies, I made this –

peach custard

And went to the potluck, only to find that no one had bothered to bake brownies to begin with "=.="

Since I’m not a fan of fruits out of a can (apart from lychee), I didn’t taste even a bit of it. Don’t know if it was too sweet or too bland but I know that by the time the night was over, only ¼ of the casserole was left.

Sure sign that it was really good, perhaps?

But what confirms that it was really good is that my little cousin Hannah, the most honest of them all, had subsequent helpings at home because she loved it!

So, at least I know that in someone’s eyes, brownies have been beaten, if only for one night.

I've got to say, that for my first attempt in making anything "custardy" this wasn't so bad. But after this, I’ll stick to making everything chocolate. Unless of course, there’s some special request ;)

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


PunchingBag said...

Nak Brownies dark chocolate!!!

Haneesa said...

insyaAllah kalau aku baik. (tatahu la bile hehehe)

Raieza Hanim R said...

Boleh share recipe brownies anda?! :)