August 11, 2011

Cek Mek Kelate.

My mom’s been bugging me the past week. She tells me that the Pasar Ramadan in TTDI is no fun and that the choices are so limited and all the favourite stalls are no more. I wouldn’t know because I haven’t been back to TTDI for their Pasar Ramadan. And believe it or not, we’ve only been to the Pasar Ramadan in Putrajaya once.

I take that as proof that my cooking’s improving. Someone seems to love home cooked meals a tad too much these days! Haha.

Well, anyways, it’s not really a secret that my parents own a house in Seri Putra. After all, we did have our engagement ceremony there and I think we all reached a consensus that that place, to a certain extent, is magical.

And since my parents went back there last weekend, we decided to follow suit.

You should have seen my mom’s face! OHMYGOD, so gleeful, I swear she looked like a little kid. Of course, it “helped” A LOT that we were around. That meant she had an excuse to buy more food, though I’ve got to say that “more” seemed like... way too much. Those who know my mom would attest to this fact. She’ll cook for 30 people if I told her that we’ll be having a party of 10.

But I let her be. After all, she doesn’t get to do that in TTDI anymore.

Well, I’ve got to admit that I was in awe at the variety the Pasar Malam at Seri Putra offered too. I mean, it was really, really, REALLY meriah, okay? It always looks like a party and it’s interesting to see so many kinds of people there. I bet the one in TTDI only has pensioners these days, seeing that so many elder people live there. Ehehehe, peace!

Eh, where was I? Anyways, I recently developed an obsession for nasi kerabu. Surprise, surprise. I’m becoming a Cek Mek Kelate? Owh, wow! I do not know what sparked this obsession, but I do know when it began. It began at the Pasar Tani on Tuesdays and Fridays in Putrajaya, where I bought my first packet of nasi kerabu (in a long time) at Nasi Kerabu Miela (if I am not mistaken).

Generally, I am not that fussy about food. But not where nasi kerabu is concerned. To me, for a nasi kerabu to be a good nasi kerabu, all the elements must align. Yes. The amount of tartness, spiciness, saltiness and all the –ness you can think of must be well-balanced. And of course, the solok lada, the star of the show, must, must, MUST be delicious and perfect. No compromise. And I found that in Nasi Kerabu Miela.

So, naturally, since this obsession is pretty new, I scouted for the best looking nasi kerabu I could find at Seri Putra.

I got lucky!

Where better to buy nasi kerabu than to buy it at “Ori Kelate” where the vendors’ speech was thickly “Kelantan-accented” and the nasi didn’t look like it’s been soaking in colouring and chicken looked like it was made with love and the solok lada! Ahhh, the solok lada looked like the kind I could munch on without getting bored, ever!

I had nasi kerabu ayam percik from Ori Kelate 2 days in a row and I promise you that you will drive all the way there just to taste it again.

Ori Kelate vs. Nasi Kerabu Miela = 1 – 0

Sigh. So sedap, you have no idea.

This, you can only get in Seri Putra (apart from Kelantan, of course). It surely has just proved itself to be especially magical during Ramadan. *usap perut kegirangan*

And that just makes me feel so annoyingly GEE DOUBLE OW DEE GOOD.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


Raieza Hanim R said...

Kakak love,
do me a favor as my friend k? STOP blogging about food! Wuwiwiwiwiii ehehee :D

Haneesa said...

ehehehehe. bukan saya bukan saya :D

mean streak punya pasal yang menyebabkan blog blog makanan sedap ni lalalalalala ;p

tasha said...

The best nasi kerabu I've had so far is from Yati Percik in KB, Kelantan and no other nasi kerabu comes close to being as delicious! I was told that they have opened a branch somewhere in Kajang/Bangi, and I am yet to serbu that place! :)

The Ori Kelate's nasi kerabu looks absolutely delicious, too!

Haneesa said...

ohhh, means i've been there before but i ordered something else that time. baiklah! thanks for the heads up. saya akan menyerbu for sure :). dia at seksyen 9 bangi if i am not mistaken.

yayahafiza said...

omg kakak!!!! u make me feel like searching for nasi kerabu for iftar tonight..... tempted!!! xbaek tau :P (sj je nk wat kakak rasa guilty) :P

Haneesa said...

har har har. aiman tak kesahh ;p selamat mencari nasi kerabu idaman anda. :)

farah said...

ok random but bangi ur housing area is magical sbb ade Disney house tu LOL :)

Haneesa said...

ahahahahahahahahaha farah that was random. i think i'll call my street disney street ;p ;p