August 08, 2011

that super cold state.

On the grand scale of things, I’ve got to say that one of my most favourite things is travelling. On a grander scale of things, I’ve got to admit that one of my most favourite places is London.

I recently browsed through my old photo albums and came across my LondonUK2007 album and I am ITCHING to purchase tickets. In winter, no less. Much as people warn me how crazily cold it has gotten these days. Or spring would be nice too because it is so pretty!

If I could go back to London, I would (in random order) –

1. Walk all the way from Bayswater to Marble Arch and beyond.
2. Eat those yummy £2 kebabs they sell at Edgware Road.

3. Bring no clothes of my own and go bananas at Dorothy Perkins on Boxing Day (I missed it the last time because we were at Stratford upon Avon, BOO!).

4. Ride the Hop On Hop Off Tour Bus until I remember every single thing the commentator said.
5. Buy a year’s supply of sesame bagels at Marks and Spencer.
6. Eat enough bananas to sustain me for a lifetime because the bananas there are so GOOD!

7. Take proper photos at Abbey Rd.

8. Go for a football game.
9. Buy all the books, which are too expensive to own here (the books there are DIRT CHEAP!)
10. Bring Theodore this time and go crazy taking photos of everything and everyone.
11. Actually document everything I do and everywhere I go.

And these are only a fraction of the things I want to do.

But they top the list.

I so want to go to London. Though I don’t really know how safe it is these days, what with the shootings and all.

But it still tops my list as one of my most favourite places in the world. Uhuh.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


lynn said...

yes i miss London too kak, dia mcm memanggil2 kan? one mustttt go there atleast ONCE in a lift time. (and then after that tgklah mcmana, whether it will keep 'calling us' to come back ke tak) ;)

just buy the tix already ! second honeymoon lah !

Haneesa said...

yess, you get it kan? that once you go to london, it'll always somehow "call" you back.

abdul's uncle once said, "if you've never been to London, then you haven't seen life".

TEMPTEDDD sangat nak book untuk konon-konon honeymoon. tapi looking at the situation there, i dun think abdul will agree apatah lagi babah saya.