February 28, 2014

because I'm happy?

I have never participated in anything of this nature before. I have never signed up for the FMS 30 Day Challenge, have never committed to Wordless Wednesdays, heck, I don't even hashtag my photos on Instagram. In fact, I used to be so annoyed with these challenges because at the end of it all, it looked like a competition of who has better photography skills, who has better days, who depicts the Daily Challenge the best and I for one, hate posers, so for me, challenges such as those gave them an unnecessary platform to "pose" (???). 

So yeah, signing up for #100HappyDays is a huge thing for me. 

Funny how something that should come naturally to us (being happy) needs to become a challenge for us to see how easy it all really is. 

But this is so in line with the only resolution I have this year; which is to be responsible for my own happiness, that I just couldn't give it a pass. 

With my husband's blessing (yes, he told me, "As long as you're happy, Love", which already makes me happy!), I shall take on this challenge and shall try to stick to it 'til the end. 

Wish me luck, and let's be happy everyone! (Please don't get annoyed with my Instagram photos, okay!)

I don't have time for this??!? Challenge Accepted!

So happy, just by looking at these colours! Let's jom!

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