February 27, 2014

when 29.

This year, we both agreed that we will only spend on each other ONCE. Meaning, we will combine our budgets for our anniversary and birthday presents, to be given to each other during Luqman's birthday, which is 2nd of April, which is coincidentally our "couple anniversary", which is also our "honeymoon anniversary". This is of course, to avoid giving each other crappy presents which we don't really need. And this way, we could all get excited about getting presents on the same day!

And then, my birthday came, and I wrote this post and then I thought to myself, "You Idiot!"

Why did I agree to such thing? After all, am I not the one who LOVESSS birthdays.

But agreements are agreements and this was not one for the breaking. So, I relented to the idea of not having a celebration this year since I'm probably too old to be celebrated anyway (obviously just trying to pujuk myself).

And then, my husband texts me,

"Let's go out and celebrate today!"

Ah, Alhamdulillah for a husband who knows me all to well. After all, it's not that he was giving me a present (thus breaking the agreement), he was just taking me out for dinner. Heheh.


You see, since I became a mom and even more so after Luqman started school, I have been singing nursery rhymes a whole lot more; in fact it's probably the only thing I sing these days. So, when the TGI team came up to us and gave me the "TGI mic" (I'm so going to get my husband for this when his turn comes!), the first song that crossed my mind was,

"Baa baa black sheep,
Have you any wool,
Yes sir, yes sir,
3 bags full"

And I actually sang the whole song. In front of everyone. In TGI. Alamanda. Where I shall be going again. Gah. And that was done in hopes that my lil' entertainer (Luqman) would get all excited and start dancing to one of his favourite tunes.

Instead... he became all bashful by the attention and ditched me! He just ditched me!

I sang the whole song on my own owh, crap!


AND... just to add another "highlight" to the day, Luqman pooped halfway through dinner (as he always does when we're at TGI) and I had to clean him up at the toilet and all the while he wouldn't sit still because the water was cold. The whole time I was thinking to myself, "WHYYYYY LA BOY WHY TODAYYY!", but at the same time, I couldn't help but be amused by such circumstances. After all, I am at 29, already a mom. Hahahaha.

We ended the night with some ice cream.

And huge smiles and sweet dreams.



threeORANGES.. said...

can totally relate. hrh likes to give us 'suprises' during meal time too. and then, midi and i do a staring competition to determine the winner whom will be washing hrh. usually of course, the mother loses.


Haneesa said...

hahaha sabar je lah budak-budak ni! "perfect" timing habis. my husband doesn't mind doing it AT HOME tapi kalau kat kedai memang mama kalah laaaa ;p