February 06, 2014

tiga perkara.

In between the squealing, joking and poking fun at each other, we found some time for serious talk during the Express Party we had here

One of us told us a story about the 3 things in life, though she couldn't remember where the story is sourced or who told it to begin with. 

But it made alot of sense to me and I have held on to it eversince, intending to share it whenever I can, so here goes. 

In life, we actually need only 3 things; time, money and energy.

But, Allah has made it such that in life, we can only have 2/3 things at any one time. 

When we are young, we have all the time and energy in the world, but no money to spend.

When we start working, we have all the energy and money to spend, but no time to spare.

When we are old, we have all the time (again) and this time money to spend, but we no longer have the energy to do so. 

 It got me thinking about people who have it all. 

It also got me thinking about people who don't have it all. 

And I think whether you have it all or you don't, you're probably being blessed or tested or both. 

But the answer to that? Only God knows. 

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