February 12, 2014

big deal.

Old, but I'm not that old. 
Young, but I'm not that bold. 
And I don't think the world is sold. 
I'm just doing what we're told. 
- One Republic

29 this year. 

And honestly, I still get excited over birthdays, despite the growing numbers, the greying hair, wrinkles and all else that comes with it. 

Am I weird for getting all worked up over my own birthday?

I used to NOT think so, until I came across this article about friends you should ditch (can't remember link, sorry!) and at the top of the list are those who don't seem to remember your birthday although they are in constant contact with you; just means that they don't care enough. I agreed wholeheartedly... UNTIL... I saw somebody commenting on how silly it was to assess a friendship based on whether or not they remembered your birthday. The exact words that that person used was... "BIG DEAL, IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY, SO WHAT?"

And though I've never really cared much about what other people think about certain things, it got me thinking. It really did. 

Am I a young adolescent stuck in the body of an adult or something? What's in a birthday anyway? After all, each additional year brings you closer to death and the question of whether or not I am ready for death is one which has perpetually gone unanswered. Besides, now that I'm a year shy from entering my big three-O, I wonder if I can be proud of my achievements thus far. 

Which is why I feel like the phrase "I'm just doing what we're told" is fitting in this situation, as I've done most things by the book and yet, I still have doubts on whether or not I've achieved everything I ever wanted. 

And to be honest, I'm not really sure. 

This post sounds pretty bland for someone who loves birthdays and surprise parties and used to make wishlists on her blog for all to see, right? I guess the many years under my belt have changed me (or has it?) or maybe, I've become matured enough to realise that I DO have so much to be thankful for and that I wouldn't trade my life for anything else, not in a million years.

Either way, I really wouldn't trade my life for anything, because could anything be any more precious?

So, happy birthday to me! May this year bring me good health, happiness, strength, blessings and all else good. Amin to that!


p.s.: thank you so much for all the wishes from so early in the morning. my day is already made :)

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