February 13, 2014

not for me?

Since I found out how ridiculously easy online shopping can be, I began online shopping like nobody's business. It isn't always cheaper and it doesn't always meet my expectations because I can't try the garments beforehand etc., but it is to a certain level, therapeutic. 

Most of the time, I buy things I know I will wear since I'm not a very experimental shopper, much less knowledgeable about the fashion industry and the latest trends, plus, I only buy when it's cheap meaning that it's probably out of fashion or not in season anymore, so my purchases are normally very simple and undated. Hehe.

And that can only mean that I could wear those clothes whenever I want, going to wherever I want. 

Thing is... we haven't been anywhere worth dressing up lately.


So, one weekend, right after we were free from quarantine, we went to my parents' place and my sister and I sat in her room with piles of scarves; long, short, round, square, moon and back (eh!), and we began trying different styles to go to... well... nowhere in particular! Haha. Obviously we were just bored of our current styles and since we're both the t-shirt and jeans kind of people (well, my sister is a little dressier than I am though!), it felt nice to dress up. Though we didn't really end up with any style different than the usual! Ah, creatures of habit!

After Asar, I put on my lipgloss and all (over sangat, I know!!!), even managed to add on some height through my newly purchased wedges and we decided to do OOTDs around the house. I've personally never done an OOTD before and like I said, I'm not famous enough to gain an audience from wearing t-shirt, jeans and a 10 dollar shawl plus, like I said, I definitely am not the genius when it comes to fashion, so it was a no pressure OOTD, all done in good fun.

And as funny as it was to try my best to pose (my face especially!!!) for an OOTD, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. We did end up taking more goofy pictures than OOTDs, since my brother then also decided it was fun to join, but after the whole experience, I have to say hats off to those who take OOTDs like everyday and have enough clothes and energy and styles to share with the whole wide world for 365 days, rain or shine.

I most definitely loved my photos being taken, but the thought of having to assemble what to wear everyday is just too much for me to handle. Plus, of course, apart from my brother photobombing our shoots, I also had this little guy following my lead like EVERYWHERE. Sabar je lah!

I guess I'll stick to vetting and drafting agreements for now. Mih mih mih. 

By the way, if anyone else is as simple as I am and wants this no-brainer look, you can get the comfy flowy (can hide your belly) slightly peplum lycra top from Zalora (was only RM35 I think). My pants are from Dorothy Perkins (on sale it's RM69. also available in blue). Wedges from Vincci (RM69. also available in bright orange and denim). Glitter shawl from pasar malam (it was dirt cheap, please let me know if you're interested!) and wallah, I'm ready to go! Hihi.

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