September 04, 2012


Look at the stars,
look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
And they were all yellow.
-Coldplay, Yellow.

I've always loved 4-working-day weeks. Love, love, love. By the time I get back to work, I'm always rested. And rejuvenated. And gusty. And all the positive things in the world you can think of. Rest does wonders to us, don't you think? ;)

And as much as I always find reason to go back to TTDI and my husband finds reason to stay there, like watching football with the boys, for instance, it's being home, as in our own home that makes the best weekends.

And that's exactly where we were.

After making rounds to open houses within our vicinity and also having the best home cooked meals by moi (ecece perasan!) plus unlimited hug-time with all 3 of us snuggling on our bed, I felt like I was ready to conquer the world, come yesterday.

And conquer it, I did.

These days, I hardly ever suffer Monday blues anymore and remind myself that it is all, just a state of mind. Sometimes, I even forget what day it is. Well, except Thursdays of course, because I would need to prepare baju batik for both of us. And of course, Fridays, for obvious reasons. Other than that, despite the downs, I tell myself that every day is a gift, I shall make the most out of it.

Anyways, there was no real point in writing this post. I just wanted to share a photo of myself with Myra, who invited us over to her abode for some good food with fun-loving people. Thanks for having us, dear! It was really nice to see you.


Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)


MJ said...

Awww... LOvex1000 this post. Thanks for coming dear. I finally get to meet the adorable little luqman.xx

Haneesa said...

no biggie :) thanks for having us! kalau luqman good mood haritu mesti we would have stayed longer. tapi dia mmg dah tired sangat. masuk kereta terus tidoooo je. loved the laksa. nanti datang la rumah kitorang pulak ok :)