September 11, 2012

Missing: The Glow

I am (was?) naturally challenged in the chest department, so pregnancy and breastfeeding brought along with them much welcomed change.

Also, pregnancy brought about some curves to my once scrawny figure.

And I kind of enjoy it.

Except when I’m wiggling into my size 8 jeans. And of course, when I step on to the weighing scale.

Even then, 5 months post-partum, I’m proud to say that I can still fit into my size eights without looking like I stole some skinny girl’s pants. And with new-found curves, I really can’t expect to be 47 kilos anymore, can I?

So, really, what is my problem?

I’m missing the glow, that’s what.

And that glow can only come with exercise, which I am lacking. And that’s just me being kind to myself (because in all truth, I am not exercising at all these days).

I’ve hung my futsal boots for the longest time now. Oh, wait, where are my futsal boots again?

Long gone are those days when I could anticipate Thursdays with longing because there are no more Thursdays to look forward to. Our weekly meets have been halted for the time being due to our ever increasing workloads and shift in priorities (i.e. baby, husband and family).

Though I can no longer play futsal, I wonder when (and if) I’ll ever be able to just slip in a little bit of time to sweat. Just a little. It’s a tough transition this – from being the energizer bunny to not exercising at all. I know that some will tell me exercise can be as easy as doing sit ups and “scissor exercise” with the legs, but it just ain’t the same.

In the end it’s all that sweat that can finally bring back the glow to my face.

And of course, for obvious reasons, I miss it.

I wonder if I can try and fit a gym session in during lunch. Really, it’s at times like these that I sometimes wished my office has one of those fitness centres for us to “let loose”.

Oh, how I miss my glow. It’s partially driving me crazy.

Shy to comment? Well, never mind! Your reactions mean the world to me! Make me smile today :)

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