September 10, 2012

One of us.

This is a sticky post. 

You’ve heard about it on the news and read it in the papers. 

You’re probably thinking, “Man, that’s a young age to die.” And you’re probably right. But daripada Allah kita datang, dan kepadaNya kita akan kembali. There is nothing certain in life but death.

And I pray and hope that she did not suffer. I pray and hope that Allah places her in Jannah. 

Though I did not know her personally, I know her sister, my batch mate, whom you’ve probably seen in papers and in TV interviews as well. 

 My advice is – take everything you hear and see with a pinch of salt. Don’t believe them all. 

Though I know some quarters are only trying to do their jobs, this is not a matter to be sensationalised, not something you make a quick buck out of. 

Someone just lost their child, their sister, their friend. 

 Please don’t make someone else’s loss your fortune. 

Lebih baik sedekahkan Al-Fatihah and pray that everything goes well so that arwah can be buried and put to rest quickly. 

I have the full account of the accident, but it really isn’t my place to write about it. I think the family’s going through enough trauma already, as it is. 

Rest in peace, Adikku. Though I never had the chance to get to know you personally, the TKC community mourns for you. I am sure you were a great person. 

You’ll always be one of us. 


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